How to organize the first bathing of a newborn baby

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Begin to bathe the newborn needs from 7 days frombirth. Previously, this can not be done because the umbilical wound can not be delayed, and water will create the danger of infection. Water treatments are very useful for the baby. We bathe the baby in the evening before feeding. A bath with warm water will sooth, relax the newborn, allow him to eat with appetite and calmly fall asleep. It is very important how the first bathing of the newborn will take place, since this relationship will determine the attitude of the baby to the subsequent bath procedures. Plan everything in advance, and the kid will be satisfied.

first bathing a newborn at home

What will be required for bathing

If the first bathing of a newborn home causesmy mother's fear, it is better to ask a spouse or a more experienced grandmother to help. Prepare all bathing accessories in advance so as not to be distracted during the procedure. At hand should be:

  • Baby bath or liner for an adult large bath.
  • Thermometer for water.
  • Terry towels, the size of which will wrap and warm up the crumbs.
  • Herbal tea or manganese solution. Herbs can only be used after healing the umbilicus. Till this time only manganese.
  • Children's cosmetics: soap, foam, shampoo. All at once every day you do not need to use it. But once a week, the baby is desirable to wash it with such means and a washcloth in order to cleanse the skin, help to update it.
  • A pitcher of warm water. From this jug at the end of the bath you need to pour the baby to wash off the remnants of detergents.
  • Diaper for wrapping a baby while bathing. This is a universal tool that will help to create a feeling of coziness and security, and also warm the areas of the body that will be above the water.

bathe the baby

In the nursery you need to prepare a removable cleanclothes, tools for processing wrinkles and a baby's umbilical cord, ear sticks with restraints, children's manicure scissors. Also, we must not forget that before bathing, mom should wash her hands and cut her nails. Manicure will have to be sacrificed throughout the care of the baby.

Technique of bathing a newborn

water temperature for bathing a child

In the baby bath place a speciala non-slip mat or a regular diaper. This will reduce the slip of the baby. Measure the water temperature and achieve the ideal. The best temperature for bathing water is 37 ° C. Just pour the same water into the jug, keep it close. Immerse the baby in the water slowly. At the same time, look into your eyes and talk to him in a calm, quiet voice. You can sing a song about swimming, which will become traditional and recognizable for the baby. This will teach him beforehand to enjoy bathing, to calm down. In water, the newborn should be up to the level of the neck, and the head should lie on the bend of your hand. With your free hand you need to wash your baby with or without a washcloth. After the first bathing of the newborn home is over, rinse the baby out of the jug. Then wrap it in a towel, let it dry, keep warm. After that, you can begin to process and dress the newborn.

Over time, the baby will stop crying duringbathing and will enjoy the warm water, swimming, water games. It is important to make sure that the first bathing of the newborn home is successful. If you meet a violent protest of a child, the procedure can be postponed for one day, and instead of it you can simply wipe it with wet napkins. Despite any difficulties, let your kid learn to enjoy bathing.

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