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The German brand, which produces stroller Hauck,is the leading manufacturer of goods for the most unprotected age category, namely children. Thanks to the reliability and quality of the products, this brand has earned respect all over the world. And only this company among the largest number of competitors has a license to use Disney drawings in its products.

Excursion to the history of the company

The most famous brand today, which produces strollers,- Hauck has a fairly thorny and long path that precedes its formation. The founder of the company was Felix Hauck, whose family specialized in weaving from a vine. Originally, in the distant 1923, all the forces of this family were directed to weaving and selling products. A few decades later Paula's daughter comes to the aid of her father in the family business. Thanks to her assistance, the company starts producing infant cots. Further, wheels were added to them, and the range of products was replenished with strollers.

Stroller Hauck

After another twenty years, the family business rule passes into the hands of Paula's son and daughter-in-law. They paid special attention to strollers and other accessories, putting their release on a mass flow.

Already in 1996, business management was transformed into aHands grandsons Paula Hauck, who introduced new models into production. Among them - universal walking options, as well as canes and stroller Hauck for twins.

The development of family business Hauck family in modern times

Thanks to Jörg Feyler, the company has become moredemanded and recognizable. The year 2002 was marked for Hauck family by launching the newest brand I'coo, which is designed for the most solvent category of buyers. Produces the above-mentioned brand premium products.

Strollers Hauck отзывы

The leitmotiv of the company isa combination of innovative technologies and stunning design. Designers are on the territory of the Netherlands and only twice a month they visit Germany to demonstrate their latest development to management.

Types of prams

A range of products of this demanded andreliable brand consists of the following varieties: options for twins, universal, transformers, walking sticks, tricycles and stroller Hauck. Feedback on each of the options in the prevailing number of cases is positive. And all this is due to compliance with European standards in the field of quality and appearance.

A vivid example can be a number of universalwheelchairs, which is about 10 models, presented in all possible colors. Among this variety, parents will be able to choose the stroller to their liking.

Stroller Hauck: reviews

Such a product is considered an excellent optionchildren's transport due to its lightness, the length of the berth, the convenience of seat belts and viewing windows. The big plus is that Hauck stroller is made for children of different age categories, starting from newborns. It is during this period that it is hard for mom to cope with a new means of transportation for her.

Havel stroller reviews

Advantages of this model is stylish andvery modern design, maneuverability and a fairly narrow and compact wheelbase that allows you to pass into any elevator or store door. Bag for the stroller is spacious and original. A small disadvantage is the unregulated low handle, which is not very convenient for parents whose growth is above average.

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