How to congratulate you on your birthday

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Solving the question of how to congratulate the original with the DayBirth of a person who is important to you, you should definitely take into account the individual characteristics of his character, outlook and perception. It is much easier when you have known him for a long time or it is a close and beloved person, of whom much is known.

Considering the original way of congratulation,you can play on the hobbies of the birthday boy, his interests and cherished desires, expressed a long time ago. It's much calmer to start an unusual gift, when you know for sure that he will certainly like birthday. However, the risk of "re-engaging" or not receiving a sincerely joyful reaction will always be present. Still, one should dare to take such a step, because the forces spent on preparing for congratulations are already worth a lot.

Variants of non-standard ways of congratulation

If there is such an opportunity, the birthday person, provided that he has wanted to do so for a long time, can organize parachute jumping, ballooning, or a trip to a place of importance for him.

Another option, how to congratulate the original withHappy Birthday, is a comic addition to the main gift. For example, if a birthday boy is fond of fishing, then he can give a toy fishing pole with a cash envelope on the hook, if he really likes horror films, then fake blood stains, brains and eyes will certainly amuse him.

Dreaming about the political career of a man will be amused by a poster, where he is portrayed by the president. If a birthday person dreams of a certain car, then he can give him a toy copy.

Thinking over the question, how originalcongratulations on your birthday, you can pick up something from interesting souvenirs that would amuse him, for example, a chocolate bolt or a pistol, a T-shirt with a funny and witty inscription, a superman costume, etc. The surprise party or order will never be lost congratulations on the radio.

Congratulations to beautiful ladies

There are many possibilitiesHappy birthday to your beloved. Each female representative will always be pleasantly surprised by a huge bouquet of flowers, waiting in an unexpected place; a declaration of love or a congratulation written in paint on the asphalt or on a banner hung in front of the house. Do not cease to delight salutes, serenades in front of the window, portraits and poems dedicated to the delicate female natures. Of course, a romantic dinner with a loved one will be a hit for the girl.

Before going on a holiday to a friend, you can taketo note a few favorite options, how to originally congratulate on his birthday. These include gift certificates for shopping in her favorite expensive store, flyers for the desired event for her, etc.

Original ways to congratulate a guy

The most common unusual waycongratulate your husband or boyfriend, is a gift of yourself, for example, in a box, usually from under the refrigerator, bandaged with a bow. Ideal, of course, would be to jump out of the cake, but this kind of sophisticated exercise will have to work hard.

If you need an option, how to congratulate your beloved withHappy Birthday is original, fun, and most importantly long, you can arrange a quest for him on the apartment and even around the city, beforehand putting hints in different places. As a result of the game, the birthday boy will have to find his gift or come to his destination, where he will have a romantic dinner or party. To organize such a congratulation, you can use common acquaintances, relatives and friends.

Non-standard, memorable ways to congratulateenough. If you set a goal, then the idea of ​​congratulating the right person with a happy birthday must come. Everything depends on imagination, desire and possibilities - there are no other limitations. The main thing is that everything is well thought out and organized, and the birthday person will never forget his holiday thanks to this congratulation.

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