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pantocalcin reviews of parents

Medication "Pantokaltsin" is a nootropicThe agent whose activity is related to the presence of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the composition. The drug has a neuroprotective, neurometabolic, neurotrophic effect, increases brain resistance to toxins and hypoxia. Also, the drug reduces motor excitability, has an anticonvulsant effect. In children, the "Pantokaltsin" remedy (parents' comments on it are positive) increases physical, intellectual activity. In the gastrointestinal tract is absorbed rapidly, the maximum concentrations are observed in the kidneys, skin, liver, stomach walls. The drug is not metabolized, in unchanged form is excreted in urine, feces.

Indications for use

Children drug "Pantokaltsin" (reviews of parents(most often clonic form), epilepsy (in combination with anticonvulsants, especially with small epileptic seizures and polymorphic attacks). Also, the drug is used to improve memorization, concentration.

pantocalcin infants

Form of issue, composition

In tableted form, a medicament is produced"Pantokaltsin". The parents' comments point out that the medicine is well tolerated by the kids. Tablets have a flat-cylindrical shape, there is a risk and a chamfer, the color is white. They are packed in polymer cans or cell packs. One tablet contains an active ingredient - calcium gopentenate - in a mass of 250 or 500 mg. Secondary components are calcium stearate, talc, magnesium hydroxycarbonate, potato starch.

Method of reception

It is necessary to take the remedy after eating (after15-30 minutes) inside. The duration of taking the drug "Pantokaltsin" (the dosage for children is set by the doctor) is one to four months, in certain cases it can be increased up to six months. A repeat therapeutic course is possible after three to six months. As a rule, for children, a single dose of the drug is 0.25-0.5 grams, daily - 0.75-3 grams. The instructions say that it is not recommended to use the medication in the treatment of children under three years of age. However, in certain situations, the doctor can prescribe the "Pantokaltsin" remedy for infants (in the case of perinatal encephalopathy).

pantokaltsin dosage for children
With mental insufficiency for threemonths daily, children are shown to take thrice-four times a day for 0.5 grams. With neuroleptic syndrome (to correct the negative effects of neuroleptic drugs), children are prescribed a three-, four-time intake of 0.25-0.5 grams per day. Therapeutic course - one to three months. In the case of epilepsy, the daily dosage will be similar, but the course of treatment is more prolonged (up to six months). In ticks (hyperkinesis), children receive a dose of 0.25-0.5 grams for one to four months a day three to six times.

Side effects of the "Pantokaltsin"

Parents' testimonies testify to cases of allergy development in children in the form of conjunctivitis, skin rashes, rhinitis after taking the medication.

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