Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the woman

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60 years is the age that makes a womanmore calm, kind and sympathetic. During these years, her eyes become warmer. If at these moments her relatives and close friends surround her, this doubly makes her happy. Celebrating such an anniversary should be grandiose. This is important in order that later the birthday girl remembered this beautiful day and rejoiced that in her life there was such a remarkable date, which was marked "excellent." Congratulations on the 60th birthday of a woman should be said with all her heart. Such wishes can even be very short. The main thing is sincerity. Below are exemplary options for what can be congratulations on the 60th birthday of a woman.

Beloved by all of us (name), we congratulate you onsuch an important date! Today you are 60 years old. For all of us, the main thing is for you to be healthy. Everything else you have and so will be, because you always were accompanied by success and luck. Congratulations!

Dear (name of woman), we congratulate you on everythingheart! We want to wish you patience and strength so that you can cope with all the unpleasant situations that your grandchildren sometimes create. Always know that they love you very much. Now they do not understand much because of their young age. And you are our strongest, so you are sure to cope with everything!

With your day, you, our birthday!How wonderful that you celebrate your anniversary. Today we will try to do everything to make this day memorable for you for many years! I wish you happiness, health, success, love, money and prosperity!

Congratulations, our beloved (woman's name)!From the bottom of our heart we wish you family happiness, kind and sympathetic friends. The most important thing that you must do is take care of yourself and your health, because it is necessary for a happy and long life. Happy holiday!

Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of a woman should containcompliments and various pleasant words, which can significantly raise the mood of the birthday girl. For example, during the pronunciation of a wish, you can express admiration for clothes, eyes, hands, the ability to cook, the manner of communicating the birthday girl, etc. Below are presented the appropriate for this occasion congratulations for 60 years to a woman:

Dear (name), with the anniversary!We wish you money, happiness, health (most importantly) and success in your personal life. We look at you and understand what a wonderful woman you are. Everything is good in you: both the style in clothes, and the figure, and appearance. So in any case do not despond, but continue to enjoy life. You still have everything ahead of you!

Sweetheart you are our (woman's name), how we love you!From the bottom of our heart, we congratulate you on your significant holiday - your anniversary. The most important thing that we want to wish you today is, of course, good health for many years. Without this, unfortunately, can not do. Therefore, we are setting you up so that you follow your diet, spend more time in the fresh air and, of course, take care of yourself. We are proud that we have you. You are the most beautiful woman. You have such a warm and startling look that makes all the people around you fall in love with you. You're beautiful! Congratulations!

Congratulations on the 60th birthday of a woman from close relatives can be:

Dear our mummy and grandmother!We congratulate you on your day! How much we love you! Thank you for everything you do for us! We wish you love, joy, sincere laughter and, most importantly, life, health!

Mamulechka, with the anniversary!What happiness, that you have with us. We are proud of you, your successes, achievements and undertakings. Good health to you, success, cloudless sky and love! Enjoy life and be happy! Always know that you are very dear to us. You are the best mom for us! Congratulations!

At such an event, as a woman's 60th birthday, congratulations should be kind and beautiful. This is required for the birthday girl to remember this day for many years and was happy.

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