Congratulations on Teacher's Day - how not to get trapped?

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Among the traditionally celebrated in our countryThe Day of Teachers is not the last place. On this day, a huge number of students and their parents are eager to congratulate teachers, thus expressing respect for their work and saying words of gratitude for patience and kindness. But that your congratulations on Teacher's Day were received favorably, and you did not damage the reputation of children, be very careful. When choosing the text of a congratulation, try to take into account all the features of this particular teacher known to you and carefully compare them with those words that you are going to say or write on the card.

In no case is it worth risking and pronouncingat a solemn event in the school comic congratulations on Teacher's Day. They will be at the right time in a friendly company, if one of your friends or relatives is a teacher, but in an official environment you risk being known as a man with a more than strange sense of humor. And if your irony is perceived as an insult, it is quite possible that in the next academic year you will congratulate teachers in a completely different school. Therefore, familiarity, sarcasm and excessive irony in congratulatory verses is not the best choice for this holiday.

Also, choosing congratulations on Teacher's Day,try to be original. Of course, you can buy standard postcards with the congratulations already written on them, but think about how many times teachers have already heard these jaded and original words that are not stamped. Therefore, if you have even a small gift of versification, do not be lazy and spend the evening on compiling a bright, individual and interesting verse that will be "confined" to a particular teacher.

If in yourself as in a poet you are not verysure, you can congratulate your beloved teachers in prose as well. Prepare a speech in advance on the Teacher's Day. Congratulations in prose can be no less touching and enjoyable than rhymed lines. All the more it will work if the addressee is a teacher of exact sciences, far from iambic and horei, for which the most pleasant are ordinary but sincere congratulations. The teacher of geography, for example, can be thanked for expanding the horizons of your children and wanting to visit the places he is passionately talking about. A teacher of Russian philology will be pleased with the congratulations with gratitude for the fact that he is laying the foundations for future children - after all, without knowledge of the Russian language, with his fineness and rules, do not build a successful career and achieve success in life. For each subject teacher you can find your own wish "with a twist", the main thing is to come up with a fantasy to choose a congratulation. Teacher's day is an excellent occasion to say how you value teachers and what an important role they played in your life, so do not skimp on pleasant words and compliments.

Another great congratulation iswell-designed poster or an interesting wall newspaper. You can make it yourself, or you can order it in specialized companies, where you will be offered original and non-standard design ideas. Such congratulations on Teacher's Day will become much more exciting and memorable than the banal poems read from the card. But the poster requires a long preparation - at a minimum, you should have several photos of teachers. And it is better if they are not made in the form of an official portrait, but as an illustration to the school life. Such a lively story about the daily life of the school, accompanied by warm and sincere wishes, will melt the hearts of even the most rigorous teachers.

Well, do not forget about the mandatory in thiscase of a bouquet of flowers. Correctly matched, beautifully designed and delivered in time, it will perfectly complement your congratulations on Teacher's Day. Do not choose your choice on too large bouquets, magnificently decorated and bulky. It is better to give an original decorated small flower basket, or a small bouquet of expensive flowers.

As for more expensive options for gifts -here everything depends on the parents themselves, and in each specific case it is decided individually. But all the same, it is necessary to remember that such gifts should not be too intimate, so their choice should be approached with caution.

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