How to prepare a 65-year-old woman? Scenario of a merry holiday

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Attitude to such a holiday as Birthdayespecially for each person. Some yearly yearn to receive cherished congratulations and gifts, to arrange a grand feast in honor of their beloved and have fun at this celebration of life, while others prefer to celebrate in a close company or even stay alone. According to statistics, the joy of their own birthday is received mostly by young people, while the elderly try not to advertise the cherished date. In addition, the attitude towards fun of this kind depends on the temperament of the person.

If you want to have a party for yourfriend or relative, then take note of his wishes and mood. One of the challenges is the preparation for the birthday of an elderly person. If you want to come up with a script for a 65-year-old woman, then be prepared to face many problems. Can you write such a scenario, which will be remembered for a long time and will appeal not only to the birthday girl, but also to the guests?

First, the 65-year-old woman shouldmeet her wishes and preferences. If your mother or grandmother is a woman who is active, athletic and business-like, she is unlikely to like "sitting on the mound" with her neighbors and Nikolai Baskov on the TV screen. At the same time, the grandmother from the village does not have to like a noisy party in an expensive restaurant. Therefore, first of all, decide on the concept and venue of the jubilee.

Secondly, determine the list of inviteesfor an anniversary of 65 years for a woman. The scenario of the program implies not only an entertaining part, but also organizational moments. Among the invited guests must surely be beaten by all close relatives of the birthday girl, her colleagues at work, friends and girlfriends. Give the jubilee the opportunity to relax in a pleasant and cheerful company.

Third, the script of the 65th anniversary of the womanmust include a mandatory official part. Prepare a solemn greeting speech or instruct them to do it to someone close to them. Perhaps it will be a congratulation from grandchildren or children. The official part includes the delivery of gifts. To ensure that guests do not get bored, prepare a small contest to choose the best gift. Give the birthday girl the opportunity to choose what she likes most, but do it so that other guests would not be offended that they chose not their gifts.

Following the solemn part goes partentertaining. If you celebrate a holiday in a restaurant, and the budget allows you to "swing", invite your favorite artist to the anniversary of 65 years old woman. A scenario with this kind of surprise will pleasantly surprise both the culprit of the celebration, and her loved ones. Also popular now, the service was the invitation of the "star" as the host of the evening. In this case you, as the organizer of the event, will not have to worry about the entertainment program, because all the work will fall on the shoulders of the show-mena.

No jubilee scenario can not do without gaycompetitions and musical accompaniment. Funny dances in the Russian folk style or cheerful gypsy, or, perhaps, Viennese waltz to the music of Tchaikovsky? What do you want, ma'am? Any caprice of the jubilee for your money, as they say. In fact, the idea of ​​the "Ball of Aristocrats" scenario will appeal to people who are intelligent, and if a 65-year-old woman attributes herself to such, why not arrange an assembly in an expensive restaurant where all guests will come in evening dresses, and wait for them and wait for musicians . Waltz, mazurka, forfeits and other entertainments of the 18th century will suit the taste of the elderly intelligentsia. Give the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of 65 years for a woman. The script is already ready, it remains only to send out invitations!

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