Bracelets for men as a form of self-expression

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An amazing property is this ancientaccessory. On a strong man's hand, it symbolizes courage and strength, on a woman's this detail turns into an exquisite ornament, emphasizing the refinement of its owner. It's about bracelets. No offense to the ladies, we will discuss bracelets for men.

bracelets for men

Underline the style and status

In ancient times, the bracelets reflected the occupationof its owner. For example, the soldiers put them on as a defense, and bracelets with magic symbols served as a real amulet in battle. Notable people wore jewelry on the forearm, and common people - on the wrist.

Today, a unique decoration performs one morefunction. It emphasizes the status, style and taste of a man. Bracelets for men have become a way of self-expression and an instrument in shaping the image.

So, to emphasize brutality will help a powerfulsteel bracelet. And leather bracelets for men have ceased to be only an attribute of bikers and harmoniously blend into the modern urban style, coupled with fashion jeans and a T-shirt.

leather bracelets for men

Often, a bracelet for a man symbolizes hissocial status. Such an accessory of gold not only emphasizes the viability of its owner. Agree, a few tens of grams of this noble metal, wrapped around the wrist, create the image of a confident person, definitely standing firmly on his feet.

Another category of male jewelry is knownhighest class. Inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones, bracelets for men become an attribute of a glamorous life. Such "star" decorations are designed to create a special aura around its owner, intriguingly shining on the man's wrist.

bracelet for man

With what to wear bracelets

Like any decoration, bracelets for men shouldmatch the clothes. For example, a narrow narrow bracelet made of steel, gold or equally noble silver is suitable for a business suit. Of course, you should also consider the design of the product. Decoration should be distinguished by the absence of unnecessary details and fit into the elegant style of the image.

Leather bracelets, as a rule, are harmoniouscombined with clothing in the style of "grunge", "casual", in a sporting style. Some of the leather products are decorated with expensive crystals and stones. This option is more suitable for club parties and perfectly combined with a set of clothes in the now popular style of "sports glamor."

Look great at men's wrist bracelets inform of a massive chain. They simultaneously emphasize the brutality and consistency of men. And this option is suitable for a young guy, and for a man of more solid age.

Recently, a great popularity amongyoung people use bracelets for men, made in ethnic style. Such ornaments are presented in a variety of forms and materials (metal, steel, textiles, leather and even fur). They differ in bright design and perfectly combined with street clothes. The products "hand maid" are in great demand due to their uniqueness.

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