Jubilee of 30 years to a woman. Scene of the party of the year

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Thirty years is a serious and important date forcalendar of each person's life. Thirty is the milestone of youth and maturity. Thirty years are usually celebrated on a grand scale, because the party should be fun, bright and unforgettable! If you want to arrange a holiday for yourself and your loved ones, be prepared to seriously invest in the event, come up with an original idea of ​​celebration and plan an event. It will be great if the anniversary takes place in an unusual place, because in this case the holiday will be remembered for all guests!

Preparing the anniversary of 30 years for a woman, the script needswrite in advance. Any scenario of the party includes not only toasts and competitions, but also the general plan of the event (place, time, number of guests, the price of the issue, as well as style, music, dress code, menus, etc.). These and other items of the plan must be coordinated with the birthday. If you decide to write the script of the 30th anniversary of the woman yourself, consider the tastes of the jubilee, her style and way of life, and the character of her friends and relatives. You can ask for help from a toastmaster, but it will cost a lot of money. Consider options for how to organize a 30-year anniversary of a woman. The scenario of the development of events can be unpredictable!

Cinema-mania. Scenario of the 30th anniversary of a woman in Hollywood style

For the basis we take your favorite film or TV series aboutyoung lady. On this film and write a script. For example, "Sex and the City", beloved by all women, perfectly fits into the concept of a holiday. This birthday will be surrounded by your favorite girlfriends, cocktails, champagne, jewelry and clothes. For your beloved friend, you can organize an unplanned trip to another country for shopping or order a table in the best club in the city, where you will be surrounded by beautiful men and fashionable parties.

A party in retro style for the anniversary of 30 years for a woman. Holiday Scenario

In our time it has become fashionable to remember thatwas in the past. It is noticeable in clothes and in movies. Parties in the style of the 80's and 90's are arranged in all nightclubs. If you decide to join the nostalgic, then choose an era and get ready for the holiday. The most popular today are the eighties style parties with the music of Modern Talking, Queen, C.Catch and others. Also about carefree childhood and adolescence will remind us "Tender May", "Time Machine" and Madonna. Complement the party the appropriate image of guests and birthday girls, carbonated drinks "from that time," clips and video recordings of the past decades. Play the chips, tamagochi and dandy. No less tightening and table hockey and football. Do not forget about the corresponding image in the style of the 80's. Crazy fleece, leggings and short skirts, bright makeup and shoes on the platform. Arrange with your friends a photo session "against the background of the carpet".

Journey to the anniversary of 30 years woman. Holiday scenario at the resort

The most memorable and interesting leisure time,the view of many people is a journey. It does not matter, adherents you with friends active or passive rest, at the resort you will not be bored! For sure, every woman has dreamed at least once in a lifetime to relax on the beach in the company of a loved one and close friends. Have a beach party or go to the mountains. The main thing is that everyone likes this kind of leisure. If you are relaxing in the hotel all inclusive, then in the evening you will most certainly be waiting for a surprise from the show ballet and the resort's animators. Dancing by the pool, a bar and the best friends close by is the best script of any anniversary! The main thing is to take care of documents and vouchers in advance, and then there will be no problems with rest!

If you still have not decided how to celebrate the 30th anniversary,Think about what you would like? A quiet evening in the circle of relatives and friends or a noisy party with alcohol and unrestrained dances in the crowd of strangers? Decide on the choice and start writing the script for the party of the year!

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