A crust on the head of a newborn: is it worth worrying and how to remove it?

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Many mothers and dads, bringing from the hospitala charming package and seeing your baby for the first time, you may notice that there is some crust on the head of the newborn. At some children it can appear later - after weeks or even months. The phenomenon is quite frequent and not at all dangerous. Attentive daily care of a skin of a head of the kid will soon bear the fruits - the crust will disappear.

crust on the head of a newborn

Unpleasant appearance of the child and slow growthhair - these are the two main problems that cause a crust on the head of a newborn. Usually it is yellow and can be thick and thick enough, but it also happens in the form of flakes on the skin.

In the first months of life this phenomenon is called"A lullaby cap." She can remind herself about one and a half to two years. The reason is the increased work of the sebaceous glands. Less often, the factors that affect the appearance of a baby's crust on the head may be:

  • improper care (frequent head washing);
  • predisposition to allergies;
  • incorrectly selected cosmetic (soap, lotion, oil, cream, etc.);
  • malnutrition of the baby or mother (if the child is breastfed);
  • the head of a child sweats in a hat, etc.

Crust color of a newborn is usuallyis located on the vertex, but can appear in the frontal part or in the fontanel. The main thing is to start a timely fight, otherwise the crusts are layered, and their dense layer hinders the growth of tender baby babies.

how to remove crusts on your head

Many parents, wondering how to cleancrust on the head of a crumb, begin to actively soap them while bathing the child. Do not abuse this, and even more do not wash the head often with a special shampoo. This will only make you worse. Crusts will dry up and begin to resemble stuck translucent dandruff, which is much harder to remove, besides, it can spread all over the head. Start fighting with a crust by the rules!

Three steps to a beautiful head

First, warn young moms - crust onthe head of a newborn should not be scraped off either with nails or with any adaptations! In no case! In the wounds and cracks, which can remain after such manipulations, an infection can penetrate.

  • The first step is to soften the crust. Approximately one hour before bathing generously lubricate the child's scalp with oil - it can be child or vegetable. Suitable and liquid petrolatum. From above put on a cap - it will warm a head of the kid and will not allow oil to soil all around. Before bathing, massage the baby's head with a soft brush - you will see how some crusts begin to flake away from the skin.
    the baby has a crust on his head
  • The second step is bathing. Lather the baby's head with a special shampoo and rinse. Do not soap more than once. Blot your head with a soft towel. Do not tumble dry!
  • Step Three - combing. Most crusts should leave the baby's head when bathing. The flakes remaining in the hair must be combed out with a special children's comb with blunt teeth or a brush with a synthetic soft pile. Do not be afraid to actively comb your hair in the fontanel!

If after the first bath the crust still remains, repeat the procedures in one to two days and, if necessary, once a month for prophylaxis.

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