How to disinfect a cat in the wrong place: tips and tricks

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At the moment when a person takes a kitten in his house, he must immediately begin to learn the animal to the tray. This must be done so that he does not cope with the need in the wrong places.

how to disinfect a cat in the wrong place
Since the appearance of the kitten in his house to his mastersimmediately should pay attention to the issue of training the animal to go to the toilet in the tray. This is necessary so that later there is no question of how to disaccustom the pet to foul in the wrong place. For this, the animal should not be subjected to harsh methods of upbringing, as this in the end will not bring any results. Usually, kittens are quickly accustomed to a tray with a special filler. To find out which filler for cat litter is cheaper, you can conduct an analysis of the offered products of this category in online stores. If an animal that has reached puberty, fulfills its needs in the wrong place, it may be signals of possible health problems, or it marks the boundaries of its territory. Before you can disinfect the cat in the wrong place, you need to make sure that the pet is healthy and does not experience stressful situations at the moment.

what filler for cat litter is cheaper
After this, you need to closely monitoranimals and at the time when it tries to hide in a secluded place, it is necessary to carry it to the tray, into which is placed a piece of cloth, moistened in its urine. Such manipulations are important to repeat regularly, so that the pet can remember the sequence of his actions, and he has put aside in memory where to go to the toilet. On how to disinfect a cat in the wrong place, you can learn from experienced breeders. They can share some useful tips to help the animal owner deal with the situation correctly. It is very important to remember that the tray with the filler should stand in an easily accessible place. But in no case should a house for cats be with him. Distract the attention of the pet from the wrong places, where he craps, you can and using a special aerosol, which neutralizes the persistent and pungent smell of cat urine. Such funds can be purchased at any pet food store.

house for cats
If the owner still did not follow and found hispet crouching need in the wrong place, then do not try to scare him and stab him in the feces. In this case it is necessary to spray the animal with water. Cats do not like it very much, so the pet will immediately understand that the owner does not approve of his deed.

In the reference literature, somerecommendations on how to disinfect a cat in the wrong place. To do this, you need to install bowls with food and water where the pet meets his need. Or you can put any piece of furniture on this place or close the room altogether, so that the cat does not have the temptation to retire in the wrong place. The main thing is to be patient and remember that the process of accustoming the pet to the tray is long and time consuming, taking quite a long time. A positive result directly depends on the perseverance of the owner of the cat and his patience. It should be remembered that the reaction of the owner to the puddle in the wrong place of the pet should always be the same.

Thus, we answered the acute question of how to disinfect a cat in the wrong place. Good luck and patience in this difficult matter!

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