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Time has proved that the best stroller forkids who already seek to know the world around them, is a stroller. This type of transport is in great demand among the mothers of the whole world, because in it the child runs many hundreds of kilometers in the first two years of his life. As a rule, while the child does not know how to sit, his parents carry him in a cradle-cradle. As soon as the baby starts to sit, he is transplanted from the cradle to a walking, open carriage. This happens in about 6-8 months. Before you start taking trips in a stroller, you need to make sure that your child can sit on his own and firmly.

The best stroller requirescareful choice. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages. In order not to make a mistake in the model that suits you, it is necessary to study in detail the basic criteria of strollers. The variety of brands is very large. Here are just some of them: "Capella", "Graco", "Quatro" and others.

best stroller

The best stroller is a summer stroller,open stroller. It is intended for babies who have learned to sit well (6-8 months). As a rule, at this age, it is already boring for the children to lie in the cradle. The package should be marked with the information: "for children from six months."

The advantages of an open wheelchair include:

  • light weight (less than 12 kg);
  • compactness;
  • seat belts, as well as protection in the form of a bumper in front of the child;
  • paired front wheels. The presence of fixation gives wheels stability and maneuverability;
  • adjustable backrest inclination. Position from the vertical to the "recumbent." This function provides the child with a larger view.

The disadvantages are:

  • not all strollers are laid out in a horizontal position;
  • The open-top wheelchair is more suitable for the summer season, while winter drifts will overcome hard;
  • in such a wheelchair it will be difficult to get sick of a child, since she has practically no depreciation.

the best stroller

The best stroller has a number ofcharacteristics. One of the main characteristics is its weight. It is also convenient if you have to climb a lot and go down the stairs on a walk, step over the curbs.

It is generally accepted that the best walkingThe stroller is a stroller. It is compact and easy. It is also convenient because it can easily be taken with you on any trip: whether it's walking, riding a car or traveling by train far. Improved strollers of this type are those that can be folded with one hand.

For today the assortment of carriages-canes is rather various. The choice is made both of light summer canes, and warmed options, suitable for winter.

stroller - cane

However, no matter how hard the producers, the walking stroller is not suitable for the winter season. The disadvantage are small wheels.

The optimal option - the purchase of two strollers at once: a light summer for a warm season and a warmed walking crew for winter trips.

So, what should be emphasized when choosingStrollers? First, pay attention to the wheels. This part of the stroller is most prone to wear. Presence of bearings is preferable. Secondly, a comfortable stroller should be laid out to the "lying" position. And finally, the availability of a capacious and convenient grid-luggage compartment is preferable for most mothers.

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