How to name the girl born in October. Simple and original names

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Let the cold weather outside, rain, wind andendless leaf fall. But not all the month such as October seems sad and boring. Someone with impatience awaits his offensive, for soon a miracle must happen-the birth of the daughter. In connection with this event, a logical question arises: how to name the girl born in October?

How to name the girl born in October?

Advice of specialists

Let us turn to the opinion of specialists in this regard. The most popular is the advice on the harmonious combination of name and patronymic. And it is desirable that the name correspond to the nationality of the child and it was quite modern. Of course, any of the existing names is beautiful in its own way, but when you name a daughter, for example, Desdemona, you risk creating many unnecessary problems in her life.

Names of girls born in October
So, let's find out how to name a girl,born in October? It is possible to start from different criteria. For example, referring to the sign of the Zodiac, or church saints, and maybe you like the names of your ancestors. Any name chosen by you, of course, will have an impact on the fate of the little princess, but still more important in her life will be the sincere love and tenderness of her parents.
Girls born in October

Once, during the revolution, many girls,born in October, received a name such as Oktyabrina. At that time it was quite a popular option. And the question of how to name the girl, born in October, was completely irrelevant. Agree that for today the sounding of this name is not entirely appropriate and causes the smiles of others.

Astrological characteristics of those born in October

Most of the October month belongs tothe sign of the Libra Zodiac. Astrologers note that people born this month, differ enviable pragmatism. They are suitable for such areas of activity as finance and business, as well as jurisprudence and everything related to management. And in these areas they are able to achieve significant heights. But do not think that out of children born in October, grow zealous careerists. Family is also very important for them. Making feats at work, they happily return to a cozy family nest. And without reliable logistics, they are unlikely to achieve meaningful results. What else is typical for people whose birthday is in October? It is a strong character and an unconditional desire to subjugate everyone around. It is in connection with these qualities that Libra often has problems on the love front. They can not forgive and concede. So, choosing a name for your October daughter, try to focus on the opposite qualities of the zodiac.

We take a responsible decision
Perhaps in this way you will be able to achieve harmony and balance in the nature of your baby.

Recommended Names

The names of girls born in October can be the following: Margarita, Xenia, Anna, Irina, Ekaterina, Christina, Tatiana, Maria, Vera, Svetlana and Lyudmila.

But if you do not like any of the above,you can choose the one that you like. In such a case, it is impossible to be mistaken, for loving parents decide with their heart and with the help of some inexplicable intuition. How to name the girl born in October? You can answer this question only yourself. Weigh all the information received and take the decision more boldly.

In conclusion, I just want to wish your kids health and great happiness!

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