26 size: on what growth should the child count and how not to make a mistake with the choice?

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Today, shopping centers, markets andonline stores provide an opportunity to fill the wardrobe of your favorite daughters and sons with products of trade marks from around the world. Most often buy children's clothes and shoes without fitting, especially if these are things for the baby. On the eye, it is not always possible to determine, and the numbers and letters on the labels often seem incomprehensible and do not give the necessary information. How to decide the choice and understand, for example, whether the child will fit 26 size? On what growth of the child are the jeans of the American manufacturer or the sweater of the European brand calculated?

26 size for what height of the child

In order not to clog cabinets with clothes and shoes of inappropriate size, you can use tables and always know exactly what will fit and what will be small or large.

Little crumbs

When choosing bodikov, little men, panties andoveralls for the youngest, it is important to always remember the presence of free space in the groin for a diaper. Filled, even the most modern and ultra-fine hygiene products for toddlers can seriously increase in size. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this fact, adding a few centimeters to the growth of crumbs.

The size of children by age and growth to one year
Age, months9-126-93-61-30-1
Size Russia2624222018
EU Size8680746856
US Size

9-12 M

6-9 M

3-6 M

0-3 M

0-3 M

Height, centimeters80-8674-8068-7462-6850-56

Important nuances for a note

Before you select items by size tables, you should consider several important points:

  • Some manufacturers, both domestic andforeign, sew clothes not always according to generally accepted standards. It is best when choosing to use the size tables of a particular manufacturer: look at his website or ask for information from the seller.
    size 26 28 for what height of the child
  • Hats, pantyhose and socks have different size series, which in different countries also differ.
  • Knitted and crocheted products often haveproperty stretch, and cotton, on the contrary, can settle a little after washing. Therefore, it is important to look after the fabric exactly as indicated on the label, and when buying, ask the seller if the specific fabric has such features.
The size of children by age and growth from one year to seven
Age, years76542, 2½, 31, 1½, 2
Size Russia343230-323028-3028
EU Size12812211611010498
US SizeSSXS or S4T / 43T / 32T / 2
Height, centimeters122-128116-122110-116104-11098-10492-98

We select by size: several examples and recommendations

Not all children are the same, and the data givenbelow, are averaged, taken on the basis of statistics. Therefore, you can not just look at the numbers and make a decision based on them. For example, the size "26-28" indicated on the label for what height of the child is suitable? The run-up is large - from 80 to 98 cm, so it is necessary to take into account the complexion (skinny or plump), features of the figure (long legs, narrow shoulders or, conversely, wide chest). In general, take a little logic.

sizes of children by age

Little babies are very fast, so notIt is worth buying back-to-back clothes. For example, 26 the size of a child's growth is worth taking? The table shows data - 80-86 cm. This means that when the height is 78-79 cm, the baby will feel comfortable in such clothes, and in a couple of weeks, most likely, "the suit will sit down" as it should. But on the baby just above 85 cm can already be cramped and too small 26 size.

On what growth should the child count when choosingouter clothing? Here it is worth considering the length of the cold season, during which the child will wear a jacket or overalls. It is recommended to choose a size larger, so that you can put a warm sweater or leggings under your outer garments and do not restrict the baby while driving. The length of sleeves or pants can almost always be adjusted by simply bending slightly. For example, outerwear 26 size for what height of the child is suitable? Following the data from the tables - no higher than 74-80 cm.

The sizes of children by age and height from eight to sixteen
Age, years14-1613-1412-1311-129-108
Size Russia444240383634-36
EU Size164158152146140134
Height, centimeters158-164152-158146-152140-146134-140128-134

Little feet run along the path

When choosing shoes, the child also has important points to remember:

  • In addition to length, it is necessary to take into account the completeness and height of the ascent.
  • It is advisable to give preference to insole with orthopedic bends in order to correctly form a foot.
    foot size by age
  • Shoes should be comfortable when walking, so if the baby has already started to move independently or if it is already an adult child, it is worthwhile to try on and make at least a few steps.
  • Winter boots or boots should be taken on a larger size to leave an "air gap", and then small legs will not freeze.
  • In summer, the feet may swell when the weather is hot, thatbe sure to consider when choosing. It is better if the width of the sandals is adjusted by the strap. In addition, while the baby's gait does not become sure, summer shoes should be taken with a closed toe. So fingers are better saved from injuries when falling and "stumbling."
    leg of a child by age

Leg size by age and length: domestic standards

The child's leg develops and grows by age andthe features of the structure are very individual for each, so it's best to refrain from buying used footwear. Donishing of other people's sandals and boots can lead to incorrect formation or deformation of the foot, as well as disrupting the gait.

The size

(boys), months

(girls), months

Length of insole
(feet), cm
209-129-1212 ½
196-96-911 ½
173-63-610 ½
The size

(boys), years

(girls), years

Length of insole (feet), cm
36over 7older than 823
35over 7older than 822½
34over 7older than 822
34over 7older than 821½
336, 7older than 821
326, 76, 7, 820 ½
31,56, 76, 7, 820
315, 66, 7, 819 ½
305, 66, 7, 819
295, 65, 618½
28,54, 55, 618
284, 55, 617½
273, 44, 517
262, 34, 516½
25,52, 34, 516
252, 32, 315½
241½, 22, 315
231½, 22, 314½

For small mods: some foreign standards

These data will help to choose the right shoes and clothes for the child.

Age, monthsSize (American)Size (European)Length of insole (feet), cm
Age, yearsSize (American)Size (European)Length of insole (feet), cm

However, it is important to remember a few basic rules.

  • For babies: Fashion is good, but comfort is above all! Two-year-old crumb will be absolutely indifferent, from what couturier these jeans or a dress, but if it is inconvenient, then crying and whims are guaranteed.
  • For older children: as soon as the child began to show interest in his own appearance, it is necessary to take into account his taste preferences when choosing clothes and shoes. This is one of the ways to express yourself and form your personality, so for the harmonious development of the phrase "carry that gave" is clearly not suitable.
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