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For fans of humor, positively minded people,waiting from a life of various surprises and adequately reacting to all kinds of surprises, and there are comic congratulations on his birthday. However, in no case should it not be to congratulate people who do not have a sense of humor in order not to offend a man by accident, especially on the day of his birth. Among the huge number of ways to bring joy to the birthday boy, you can pick up a really cool congratulations. Every person is special, everyone needs an individual approach. Knowing that the word can hurt your soul very much, we will be extremely warning and humorous birthday greetings for those we know as ourselves.

And yet, what could be better than a joke?Of course - a good joke, which will raise the mood of the birthday girl, make him laugh heartily! Breaking your head about how best to congratulate a person, so that it was fun and not to offend him, one should remember about subordination. Prepare such congratulations for those who understand and appreciate them properly, namely for a friend (friend), employee, brother, etc.

Funny birthday congratulationspick up, as they say, for every taste, you can even generate an individual greeting with the name, profession, mentioning the personal qualities of the originator of the celebration. In addition, comic text, sms, a poem or a song can be sent to the mobile phone of the birthday man. And this can be a voice greeting from a celebrity (from Putin, Medvedev, etc.) or a ring-rally from the police station and a lot of various funny congratulations, which are designed to amuse the person on his birthday.

Funny birthday greetings to a friendare very popular, because it is friends who like to adjust all kinds of unforeseen, and therefore even more amusing, rallies. In order to come up with an original congratulation, one must really break his head, because not everyone has the ability to write poetry or prose for a particular case. And yet no one knows your friend the way you do, and you have to decide which congratulation to choose - sensual and touching, solemn and serious or comic and cheerful.

Almost all people expect from their birthdaysomething extraordinary, it's because deep down everyone hopes for a miracle. Do not disappoint the birthday or birthday girl, let something very pleasant happen with your help, because that's what close people need for that. Humorous congratulations on the birthday of a woman should be selected with particular scrupulousness, they must bring the culprit of the celebration into indescribable ecstasy. And let your jokes be kind, cheerful. And regardless of what it will be - a message, an email, a regular or interactive postcard, be sure to show imagination and decorate the message.

Happy Birthday Congratulations

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To be successful in 17 years - not to lie in bed with a girl.

To be successful in 25 years is to choose the best girl and make her your wife.

Being successful in 35 years is a happy family and a successful career.

To be successful in 65 years - not to lie in bed with a woman.

To be successful in 85 years is to be able to wake up in a dry bed.

So be you successful at any age!

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I want to wish you all that fits in the word "happiness", for example - let your table break from food, and your bed - with pleasures!

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