A stroller with a large hood is the choice of a demanding mother

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Excessive sunlight does not bring the babyno benefit. First, small skin can not withstand harmful ultraviolet radiation, and secondly, bright light interferes with sleep. However, it protects the hood not only from the sun, but also from a gusty wind, a rain of medium strength, snow. Therefore, many mothers pay special attention to this detail. That's why a stroller with a large hood always enjoys well-deserved demand.

Inglesina Zippy

stroller cane with large hood
Inglesin Zippy is a very populara stroller with a large hood for children over six months. Models "Zippy" and "Zippy Free" have voluminous hoods that can be lowered to the bumper when sitting back, completely covering the baby from the rain, because the Zippy fabric parts have water-repellent properties and do not get wet. A transparent window on the back of the hood lets in enough light and allows parents to see the small passenger constantly. Of course, if the rain started suddenly and there was no raincoat with you, such a method will become a reliable protection, but it can not be called absolutely convenient, because in fact the head of the child is the rear of the hood. Especially it is inconvenient in those models in which this part is pocketed. With the recumbent position of the backrest, you can not lower the top of the stroller, it can take only the usual position. Partially it is compensated by a significant visor, which can be hidden or fully spread, but unfortunately, it is not available in all Zippy models. As for sun protection, this stroller is at the height: the inner lining consists of a fabric with a high UV filter.

Maclaren Techno XLR

stroller cane reviews
"McLaren Techno" is a very popularA stroller, a cane, whose reviews describe a truly giant hood. Its most important advantage is that it can be decomposed even when the backrest is lowered horizontally. In this case, two pockets located on the back of the cap, remain in the same place, without disturbing the child. If necessary, several segments can be removed into special compartments with zippers and hidden. Thanks to this folding mechanism, the top of the stroller does not look unreasonably bulky. Cut the side parts of the hood allows you to provide good wind protection, when necessary. No less practical is the stroller "McLaren Techno" and in the heat, when the sun is overhead and strongly pripekaet: some segments are made of a blown mesh fabric that gives a shadow, but does not interfere with the air circulation. Another feature of the hood of most models is the silicone insert in the visor, which is necessary to protect the fabric part when contacting the wheels (this is due to the folding mechanism). Therefore, the stroller with a large hood "McLaren" is one of the most popular types of children's transport and the choice of the most demanding parents.

Aprica Karoon plus

stroller cane McLaren
Stroller with a large hood "Aprica Karun"Plus »is positioned in the market as one of the easiest walking models. At the same time, its functionality is not minimized, but on the contrary - maximally expanded, compared to other similar transport. The exception is not an exception: in a closed position, he creates a cozy cocoon. The hood of the stroller has two ventilation windows on the sides.

Right to choose

Of course, there is still a lot of children'stransport with a voluminous top. The presence and absence of visors of all possible forms, windows for ventilation, mosquito inserts and other pleasant details allow each mother to choose the most suitable stroller.

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