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The most long-awaited holiday of the year is the daybirthday! It's nice to receive gifts and warm words from relatives, but it's more pleasant to give them more pleasantly. Sister - the most beloved and loved one in the world. You see in it your own reflection, but still you are completely different people. I want to say so much on this solemn day, to express all my love and admiration in several lines. Congratulations on the birthday of your sister should sound especially sincere and sincere!

We are of the same blood

As a child, brothers and sisters often quarrel overtrifles. But over the years they understand that they are the most native people on earth. Always come to the rescue of each other, help and support. Therefore, for the triumph of the little sister, one must prepare in advance. Get a good gift and kind words for your baby's blood.

birthday greetings to my own sister

My dear sister,

You are the best,

I hasten to congratulate you,

You are a miracle on the planet!

Slender, beautiful and sweet,

Smiling, courteous,

Such mother gave birth,

She's so beautiful!

I wish only happiness in life,

I will remove all the bad weather,

After all, you are my own native man,

Together with you we are forever!

This universal birthday greeting to a sister, the youngest or the oldest, does not matter. The main thing is that she will understand how precious you are!

Jokes and laughter

Any feast is better to dilute with jokes,competitions, quizzes. Then the guests do not get bored and will spend time with pleasure. Congratulate your sister with merry chastooshkas, which you will perform as a duet! Get a funny theatrical performance! Prepare the same bonnets or huge bows on your head. You can build sarafans and scarves, depicting a folklore ensemble. On a sheet of paper in large print type ditties and invite your sister to sing impromptu! Imagine that you are twins, try to get to the beat and chant.

We are twins - just nyashki!

Blond curls,

New boots, sternenkie legs!

Two girls - we are beautiful,

Let's send to the agency pictures,

We'll fly to Paris,

On all covers zapostrim!

Happy Birthday dear,

My princess is expensive,

I love you very much,

Now I will sing more loudly!

Guests will be surprised, no one has seen suchFunny birthday greetings. Sister home will also amaze your acting talent. It will be even funnier to look like this mini-show, if it is realized by a brother! Dressed in a Russian beauty guy will cause a rapturous delight among the guests!

birthday greetings to his elder sister

Sweet Toothpiece

Girls are usually not indifferent to sweets.Showcases are full of all sorts of masterpieces, but the food prepared with your own hand is always tastier and more appetizing than in a shop or cafe. Show your talent and patience - bake your sister a chic cake. Right on this confectionery and write down your congratulations on your sister's birthday! It will be original and unusual.

"You are my dear, sweet and beautiful,like this cake! I wish you tremendous happiness, fervent love, healthy youngsters and a real macho next door! Remain the same radiant and charming, kind and sweet girl always! Love you!"

You can not write a lot on the cake, so in a few phrases you need to put your soul into it! Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

birthday greetings to my sister's younger sister

Wishes of good

Arrange a merry holiday for your sister.Decorate the room, make a menu and invite your friends! Quizzes, competitions, games - all this will go with a bang! The highlight of the program will be your congratulations on your sister's birthday! Try on yourself the image of a psychic. Hang on the neck all kinds of beads and amulets, tie an unusual scarf on your head. In a mysterious voice, report that you have discovered unusual abilities - to predict the future! Write small requests on small pieces of paper. They can be diverse:

  • wealth, happiness;
  • villa, oligarch, car;
  • pantyhose, yacht.

Let the birthday girl draws from the magicaltrunk twisted into a tube with wishes. Write in them what she dreams of. Everything will necessarily come true, because thoughts materialize! Offer and guests to draw cherished tickets, no one will give up pleasant words and hopes. Prepare the best prophecies and congratulations on your birthday to your sister.


Remembering your childhood is always pleasant.Carefree and happy time, outdoor games, delicious ice cream! Arrange a night of memories. You can invite friends of childhood and classmates! Get a beautiful photo album in the store and fill it with photos from all your children's holidays! Looking through these wonderful pages, the sister will receive a sea of ​​positive emotions. On the title page write congratulations on your birthday! Her older sister wants to surprise and pamper, because she is the world's most loved person!

funny birthday greetings to my sister

My dear sister,

With a smile I will say not melting,

You are my sun radiant,

I love you very much!

You are the most precious thing that I have in my life,

I've always respected you since I was born.

You're like a fairy to me,

Good, cheerful and sweet!

An example in this life is beautiful,

I take only with you!

Give your loved ones as much attention as possible! They deserve it.

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