A touching and unusual greeting to the elder sister on her birthday

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The sister is both the girlfriend, and the assistant, and the mosta native person in the world. And if she is the eldest, then an example for imitation and admiration! Younger so I want to surprise and make my sister happy. Therefore, if family names are planned in the family, it is necessary to prepare in advance and carefully. Prepare an original greeting to your older sister on your birthday. Flowers and a sea of ​​compliments is a must. She will certainly appreciate warm and sincere words.

Praise and a little flattery

To receive compliments like everyone without exception, andfew can give them. Scatter your sister with pleasant words on her wonderful holiday! Let him feel like a goddess, the most beautiful and charming girl on earth.

congratulations to your elder sister on your birthday

My sister, you are simply wonderful!

Clever, slender and so beautiful!

Your movements are graceful,

You're just a girl of sparkling dreams!

My sister is wise beyond my years,

I always need your support.

Happy holiday, my love,

Closer than anyone I do not have!

I wish to remain such a sweet,

Exquisite, unique,

Let the eyes always shine with happiness,

And the men of honor are surrounded.

Be brighter than the stars and the sun is hot,

Go, I'll kiss you soon!

Such a bright congratulation to the elder sister on his birthday is sure to please everyone, and most importantly, the culprit of the celebration.

Photo for memory

For an unusual and memorable greetingneed a few photos from the family album. Choose the best pictures of your little sister, prepare a sheet of paper and markers. Images can be placed in a chaotic order, with bright markers write your wishes and farewell to the native person. Such a poster is an excellent congratulation to the elder sister on her birthday. The inscriptions can be:

  • My beloved sister, my ideal is you! You often remind me of delicate flowers. The same beautiful and light girl, you stay for ages like that, little sister.
  • You do not grow up at all, wrinkles do not need a cream. Always you look great, smart, fashionable, decent! With you I take an example always, and I'm happy, my sister.
  • On these photos look, sadness from the face quickly erase. More laughter and smiles, bright, colorful postcards. Be happy and loved, like now, always beautiful.

Present such a beautiful birthday greeting to your sister (elder). These words will come from the heart!

touching birthday greetings to the elder sister


Sweets adore girls at any age.Give your sister an unusual gift - a bouquet of chocolates. You can make it yourself, and on your candy wrappers write your good wishes and congratulatory words. Buy in the flower shop everything you need to create a bouquet, and in the confectionery store - the most delicious sweets! From wrapping paper or beautiful napkins you need to cut out squares, write on each of them a verse to the elder sister on his birthday. Wrap candies with new wrappers, nourish them on skewers and collect them in a bouquet. Now your fantasy comes into operation, decorate the bouquet, whatever. You can add beads, rhinestones, ribbons, bows.

Give a touching birthday greetings to your older sister:

You and a friend, and support,

With you I do not know grief!

Always you help me out

And from childhood to everything you teach.

No more human than a person, I love you for it.

I wish you, my sister,

Happy to live and not to be ill,

But only rejoice, dance and sing.

Not old and sad,

More often come to visit,

Be first in everything, always,

After all, you are a bright star!

Sis, happy birthday!

You are our inspiration!

Clean, nice and charming,

Beautiful and attractive!

Remain such you always,

My dear sister!

Say these words, holding your sister's hand. She will be completely delighted with such a congratulation. It's so nice to know that you are loved and appreciated!

verse to the elder sister on her birthday


If the birthday girl is already strewn with poetry andpraising her odes, you can say simple phrases that will also warm the soul. No pathos and theatrical habits, just pick up the glass, and let the congratulatory prose with the birthday of your elder sister flow from your lips: "I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday, sister! I want, that we always were nearby, that you smiled and was happy! You are the most dear person for me on this planet! Sunny and cheerful - these words suit you the best. You are a sunny bunny, a spring flower! Be so always and please the whole family with your sonorous laughter and kind humor! "

prose with the birthday of the elder sister

Aerial joy

No holiday can do without balloons.They create a solemn atmosphere and please the eye. Prepare an unusual surprise for your sister. Inflate as many balls of bright colors as possible, dozens of them. On each of them mark a compliment or a wish. Hand the culprit of the celebration of this armful of balls connected together, or scatter them around the room. Get an original congratulation to your older sister on your birthday! Wishes you can write these:

  • be happy and beloved;
  • smile more often, have more fun;
  • I wish you success and merry laughter;
  • I wish good health and an oligarch at the head;
  • float in bouquets of roses and chamomiles, and mimosa;
  • I wish you bright impressions, from the problems of liberation;
  • let the men be crazy from you, and you - satisfied with the full;
  • flowers and smile all my life, peace of mind shine.

Then you can release the balls into the sky!

beautiful birthday greeting to the elder sister

Fun evening

Give close and native people vivid emotions andimpression. Organize for your sister a merry party with music, delicious food. May this greeting to your older sister be remembered for a long time! Invite the best friends and relatives. Let it be a surprise for her. Flood the culprit of the celebration with gifts and wishes. This evening she should be happy, as never before.

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