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Observance of traditions makes life moremeasured and stable. Simple things give a sense of connection with their ancestors. It's nice feeling that in the endless everyday vanity there is something unshakable and eternal that runs from the past to the future. Probably the most cheerful and long-awaited is the holiday of winter's wake. Cold, but warmed by bright sun rays, it gives hope for a swift change, a new turn not only in nature, but in the life of every person.

Therefore, Pancake week is always celebrated in Russia withpleasure and in a big way. Today, a little forgotten traditions are being revived, and again in schools and kindergartens they start to instill in children the love for simple but cheerful folk festivals. Today, together with you, we will build a bright Maslenitsa script in the Dow.

the carnival scenario in the dhow

history of the holiday

It would be nice to introduce children to the native Russiantraditions, tell them where the tradition came from on the eve of spring to organize a noisy holiday. The scenario of Maslenitsa in the DOW must necessarily include a small enlightenment work. This holiday does not apply to Christianity, but it went from pagan rituals. However, people were so fond of folk festivals with pancakes, that they did not want to give them up. The oil week was dedicated to the wires of winter and to the meetings of spring.

However, the idea itself did not come from scratch. It has long been thought that the earth needs to be warmed up well with dances and dances, then spring will necessarily come. At the end of the festivities a fire was lit on which a straw figure was burned. According to one information, it was a scarecrow of winter, with which they said goodbye. According to another version, it was a symbol of the Carnival itself, to spend a merry, festive week.

script of carnival in the dhow on the street

The main treat

Scenery Carnival in the Dow can not do withouttraditional Russian table full of pancakes. This is the main treat at the festival. At the same time, children are told that every pancake is a symbol of the golden sun, as well as a traditional dish of Slavic cuisine. Served them with different fillings, as well as simply with sour cream and melted butter. On pancakes went to relatives, they were baked on the streets, treated to children. The celebration lasted a whole week in Russia. At this time, we sledged on the slides, went to friends for a get-together, arranged fervent games. And the last day of the week was considered to be Forgiven Sunday.

With the advent of Orthodoxy, these traditions are noteradicated. Now a bright holiday is celebrated in the last week before the Great Lent. Many people, forgetting about its roots, believe that this holiday was created specifically to taste delicious food before long abstinence.

Interesting scenario

The organization of the holiday in kindergarten includesa lot of factors. It is the decoration of the hall, the selection of celebratory characters and costumes, the identification of leaders and planning of events. Scenario Maslenitsa in the DOW assumes the obligatory decoration of the assembly hall with colorful objects of national life. These are pottery and embroidered carpets, kokoshniki, painted matryoshkas. In addition, it is highly recommended to come up with national costumes for kids. And this does not require large material costs. Boys fit shirts embroidered, girls wearing scarfs. Traditional beads from sheep will be the best decoration.

It will not be superfluous to prepare together with the childrena few mandatory accessories, which are endowed with a symbolic meaning. This is a straw effigy, the Maslenitsa dolls, the sun and pancakes on strings. Since children are still too young, the main work will have to be done by educators. All serious and basic scenic roles will have to be taken over by educators and parents. The most interesting characters are Maslenitsa, winter, buffoons, fox and the like. Kids really like funny characters, especially if they come up with interesting contests and give sweet prizes.

scenario of carnival in the dhow for all groups

We begin to celebrate in the garden

Scenery Carnival in the DOW for all groups is betterall build on the basis of a kind, fairy tale. So it was much easier for the children to understand who and what the celebration is dedicated to. Especially if it concerns the younger groups. Here it is necessary to devote less time to the history of the holiday, and more emphasis on games. The text of the winter wires can be anything. Moreover, one can improvise even in the course of the action itself.

Sorcery on the Threshold

Scenery Maslenitsa in the PED in the room beginswith dating characters. Children are represented by two sisters - Winter and Pancake week. And then a small fairy tale is played before them. In this case, the presenter slowly tells it, and all the others perform the appropriate role.

The essence is approximately the following. Two sisters lived in the forest chamber. Winter is cold and very beautiful, and Maslenitsa is friendly and good-natured. Every year she helped people prepare for the coming of spring. However, the winter changed its mind to give his reign in the spring. She told the servant - the Snowstorm, to kidnap the Shrovetide, so that the heat never came to people.

So the holiday is gradually gaining momentum -Carnival in the Dow. The script involves children in interesting activities, since it is up to them to free the poor girl. Now the birds will have to fly to the people and tell the misfortune. And smart housewives will start to bake hot pancakes and scatter them over snowdrifts. To do this, the kids can give out colored rings and practice accuracy, throwing them onto a sports stick standing in the center of the room. You can take and plastic plates, throwing them in boxes or bags.

holiday carnival in the dhow script

Games continue

The snow is melting, and our girl is all in prison. Apparently, this is not the way to defeat the winter. However, a loud laugh will help. A buffoon comes out in a bright suit. Now, with his jokes, he must make the children laugh so loudly that Winter gets angry and leaves. Dances, incendiary dances, funny contests - everything goes well here. Who is the fastest of all going through a tight rope (it does not matter that he is lying on the floor), and who, holding a spoon in his mouth, will be able to transfer the egg from one jar to another? Funny starts are a great way to warm up and have fun.

A lot of fun is the group gathering of the herbarium. This requires two teams, circles with wire grating and artificial flowers. One by one the participants will have to choose one flower from the general bouquet and weave them into the circle of their team. When the music is finished, you will need to evaluate who the herbarium turned out to be.

Shrovetide scenario of the holiday with games in the dhow

We leave on the street

The fun is in full swing, however the girl is stillin confinement. To get it out, you need to go out urgently. Scenery Maslenitsa in the DOW on the street, too, can be very unusual and interesting. Winter terribly does not like noisy and funny games, so to drive it away, you need to have a lot of fun. There is nothing simpler, not a single winter off-road can not do without skating from the hill. This will require ice cans, cartons and other accessories for skiing. Let her see the cold sister, how fun Maslenitsa is. The scenario of the holiday with games in the DOW is not difficult to write at all, the kids respond well to any suggestion to play.

And now let's shoot the snowstorms with the evil armiesSisters. To do this, it is necessary to build two barricades in advance from snow lumps or sheets of cardboard reinforced in snow. Two teams will have to sculpt snowballs, and try to destroy the fortification.

the carnival scenario in the dhow senior group

Burning Shrovetide

Nothing comes out, and the girl is still inimprisonment. Now the Carnival through its faithful birds suggests burning yourself in the middle of the street to melt the ice and release the spring. Here you want to make a small reservation, do not plan too many events on the street, when you make up the Maslenitsa scenario in the DOW. The senior group can stay in the open air for up to 30 minutes, and it will be better for the kids to start earlier, so that they do not get sick.

Here you will need an assistant who will tellfor children, that it’s not worth burning the very beautiful maiden, you can make a small effigy of straw. The guys help put on a scarecrow in a dress, and tie it to a pole. Usually, burning in kindergarten is symbolic for safety, and, after a round dance, the group returns to the garden. You can diversify the script of the holiday Maslenitsa in the kindergarten on the street. To do this, prepare colored flags and spend fun starts in the fresh air.

carnival entertainment scenes in dhow

We return to the group

After all played it out, it's timetell poems. Now the guys are already met by Spring, and she is ready to listen to works about delicious pancakes, the passing winter and the approaching warmth. The guys who have done well with the task are waiting for gifts - cardboard flowers, symbols of spring. And then all of them will be able to collectively put together one big poster, a real clearing with snowdrops

Buffoon can come up with themed riddles,which kids will be happy to guess and get extra prizes for it. If you divide children into two teams, then a more beautiful poster will turn out for the one of them, whose participants solved the most puzzles.

Tasty tea

Everybody is pretty tired and hungry. Now it's time for tea. For this, the guys sit down at the set tables, where they are waited for ruddy pancakes, donuts and sweet rusks, flat cakes and pies. According to Russian tradition, children learn to pass each other treats. This is a lesson of generosity and cordiality that will be very useful in the future. If Maslenitsa was celebrated before lunch, now it’s time to go to bed. If the educators decide to postpone the celebration until after tea time, then by the end of the festivities, parents usually begin to take the kids home.

carnival script in indoor dhow

Instead of concluding

In fact, we gave only an example, onBased on which your entertainment scenarios can be built. Maslenitsa in preschool is the most long-awaited and vibrant holidays, so desired on the eve of spring. Depending on the age of the pupils, the holiday can be made longer or shorter, more or less saturated. Usually for younger groups it lays about 30 minutes, for older ones it can last up to 1.5 - 2 hours, including a walk outside. It is not worth delaying longer, overwork does not at all contribute to a good impression of the holiday. Tasty pancakes and pies can be prepared for the children by their parents or on the occasion to bake in the dining room of the kindergarten.

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