What does the hedgehog eat at home and in the wild?

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If you decide to have a hedgehog at home, we recommendyou again consider your decision. In fact, despite the fact that this animal is extremely unpretentious, the conditions of detention and the way of its life may well provoke your indignation. Just imagine, he will constantly make noise, fall asleep in the fall and not give you rest at night, since the hedgehog is a nocturnal animal. At this time of day in the wild he used to hunt, but does not peacefully sleep in his burrow. So, if you still decided to buy this creation, then our article about what the hedgehog eats at home will be useful for you.

What does the animal feed in the wild?

The main food is butterflies, frogs, dragonflies,worms. Sometimes hedgehogs can even ruin a bird's nest, if it is on the ground. Being in the apartment, the animal will save you from cockroaches and mice, if, of course, you have them. If you plan to keep a hedgehog in a private house, cottage, then in the summer he can get food for himself. They are very fond of frogs, so if possible, release the prickly pet to take a walk in the place where they can be driven.

What does a hedgehog eat at home?

Before we begin the story of how to feed the animal at home, I would like to note that he must have clean water in a bowl. Periodically
can pamper it with milk. So, what does the hedgehog eat at home? The diet of a voracious animal must include:

What the hedgehog eats at home

  • liver, fish, meat in boiled form (raw foods should not be given, as they may contain germs and bacteria);
  • cottage cheese, milk;
  • flour worms (they can be purchased at the "flea market") - pamper them sometimes
    your pet;
  • apples, carrots.

The most important thing to consider whenfeeding a hedgehog, this is that the food should not contain sugar and salt, should not be very greasy. You can also feed the pet with leftovers from the food that you eat yourself, most importantly, that it suits the above requirements.

What does the hedgehog eat at home yet?

The hedgehog organism will benefit from fish oil, whichcontains a lot of useful microelements and vitamins, a mixture of carrots, crackers and egg powder, cereal in milk. You can also catch insects yourself, dry them and feed them to a domestic animal. Eat hedgehogs apples and carrots - cut it into small slices to eat them was more convenient.

Than you can not feed the hedgehog?

  • Sweets (their animals are very fond of, but their use threatens with liver failure,
    since in nature animals are accustomed to everything natural).
  • Fermented milk products (kefir, fermented milk, yoghurt).
  • Black bread.
  • Non-natural products (sausages, chips).

What do small hedgehogs eat?

What do small hedgehogs eat?

Their diet is similar to what we consideredearlier. That is, only natural low-fat products, with a minimum sugar content, salt. Try to ensure that the food is varied and well-processed (cooked, if it is meat, boiled - when it comes to milk).

In this article we have told you how to feed hedgehogs. We hope that the information received will be useful to you.

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