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Many people love cats. And among them there are many admirers of cats of the original tortoiseshell color. But few know that tricolor cats enjoyed the love of people back in antiquity.

For example, the Japanese have long been kept on shipssuch cats, to pacify and calm the gods of the wind. In the event that there was some kind of trouble with the vessel, the cat was sacrificed. In the culture of modern Japanese, too, there is a tricolor cat, believed to bring luck - it's Maneki-Neko - a touching cat with a greetedly raised paw.

three-colored cats

In the US, these cats are called cash, apparently believing that they are able to bring wealth to the house. Even if not, such pets will necessarily become affectionate and faithful pets.

And some Muslims believe that the tricolorThe cat is able to protect their house from a fire. Where did this assumption come from, it is difficult to say. But one thing is certain - such cats are extremely rare, because their color is a genetic anomaly, which is quite difficult to obtain specially. The rarity of such cats is due to the fact that, as a rule, tricolor color is characteristic for females. Cats of tortoiseshell coloring are extremely rare and almost always fruitless, because some of the genes that determine tortoiseshell color are associated with the X chromosome responsible for the sex of the feline.

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Three-color can be characteristic of manybreeds, cats of tortoiseshell color can not be counted among any one breed. However, most often they are found among Persians and the American short-haired breed. Three-colored cats of these and several other breeds can even meet exhibition standards and win titles.

The appearance of tricolor color is extremely difficultto foresee, so these cats are so rare. Increase the likelihood of a three-colored kitten in the litter can be, crossing cats with black and red color, but great importance has the sex of parents, and still the probability is not high. More often, even this happens by chance, when the owner of the cat did not even expect the appearance of the offspring of the pet.

tricolor cat

In this regard, the cat of the original color, ifdo not chase after the pedigree, you can get it for free or for very little money, despite its rarity. Of course, some tricolor cats will be expensive, but as a rule, they are also thoroughbred, the color in this matter rarely matters.

Another interesting fact is the impossibilitypreservation of the tricolor color of the cat when it is cloned, because not only the color of the fur, but also the genotype of these cats is quite original. All the same, they are mysterious creatures - three-colored cats. Photo cats of the most different tortoiseshell colors abound on the Internet, because these cats literally bathe in the love of the owners - still, such a rare pet!

Regardless of the color of cat fur,remember that she, first of all, affectionate companion and friend, which should be taken care of, but do not forget to bring up. This is a living being, you can say, a person, because it has long been known that cats are distinguished by an extraordinary mind. Therefore, it is necessary to find a common language with your pet so that friendship will give joy to both parties for many years.

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