Congratulations on the Day of the officer - what should they be?

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Remember the film "Officers" and the famous phrasefrom there: "There is such a profession - to protect the Motherland". By itself. The profession of the military is a type of public service. In Russia, it has always been the so-called school of dedication and courage, a matter of honor. The profession of the military has always been treated with respect and honor. Far from everyone can become such.

In order to obtain a military profession,It is necessary to have strong health, special knowledge, analytical mindset and a number of positive qualities. Among them - discipline, responsibility, organization, will power. Career growth is also mandatory in this profession. To become an officer is the dream of many beginners in military service. But for this we must also learn a lot. For example, it is important to be able to control your emotions, predict the development of further events, etc. Congratulations on the Day of the officer should emphasize these skills and qualities, and also point out that this is not just a profession. This is a calling.

congratulations on the day of the officer

Congratulations on the Day of the Officer - we honor and are proud of the heroes

Military professional holidays are more thanenough. And this is not surprising. One of those is Officer's Day. How can I express my respect and pride to them for living a peaceful life? Congratulations with the Day officer should be warm and kind, albeit with a special "military" imprint.

congratulations on the day of the officer of Russia

Not dry and not laconic

So, more in detail.Congratulations with the Day of the officer for some reason used to pronounce briefly and quite dryly. However, these are just stereotypes. Congratulations on the Day of the officer should also contain sincere words filled with emotions and feelings. Moreover, among the representatives of this profession women are often found. Link the wishes addressed to the military, with admiration for their courage and courage, real gratitude for the peaceful sky above our heads.

Congratulations on the Day of the Officer of Russia, of course,will differ from each other. It all depends on who they are destined for - a woman, a man, a former military man, a pilot, a sailor, etc. Pick up what is needed, and the officers will certainly appreciate your efforts to their worth.

"Young" holiday

The event was celebrated only a few years agoback. Therefore, congratulations on the Day of the officer of Russia appeared, for example, not so long ago. The official status of the national holiday, however, this date (August 21) has not yet. Nevertheless, the number of all kinds of events carried out on this day in the territories of garrisons, military units and in Officers' Houses continues to increase.

Once the festive performances are coming toend, in honor of the perpetrators of the celebration, different congratulations sound again. They confirm that the officers are the face of the entire army of the state, its support and foundation. It is from the experience, professionalism and competent tactics of these people that not only order and discipline depends, but also the overall combat training and the success of the campaigns conducted. Remind them that the tranquility of the whole country is in their hands.

congratulations on the day of an officer in verse

In prose and verse

One more thing.What can be congratulations on the Day of the officer? In verse or in prose - not so important. The main thing is to show your feelings, your warmth, your love. Wish the officers (future, past and present) that their lives, like the service, should develop as successfully as possible, wish also new achievements, successes, success in all undertakings.

If you congratulate the military in prose, you cansay a lot more words. The speech can be both long and concise. The main thing is to mention in it that each of the officers is worthy of his rank, and the honor and valor of them causes great respect. Naturally, because their services to the Motherland and the army are incalculable, and the service is dangerous and complex.

congratulations on the day of an officer in prose

Well, if you prefer congratulations in verse, pick something up in the relevant literature or write it yourself. For example:

An important day is Officer's Day,

We will congratulate you.

Happiness, peace and health

We want to wish you!


Our country is proud of you,

You are our pride and support,

We congratulate you today,

You have a sea of ​​happiness, not a drop of grief!

There can be a lot of options. Just show your imagination.

Service - the meaning of life

Congratulation with the Day of the officer in prose or verse must necessarily indicate that these men do not simply bear their duty to the Motherland. This is their vocation, their meaning of life.

In a word, go to the choice of congratulationsthoroughly. In general, do not try to surprise the most ordinary speech of a seasoned officer. Be sure to emphasize the importance of his duties, soak the greeting with words about patriotism, morality and decency. They will be remembered for a long time. It will be nice for you and the perpetrators of the celebration, whether it be a marine, an artilleryman, a paratrooper, a sailor or a border guard. Just give them the opportunity to enjoy such a small celebration!

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