Congratulations on the boy's baptism in verse and prose. What to wish to the child?

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Christening is a special holiday, on this day in the soula little man, God's grace proceeds. Now he falls under the protection of an angel who will guard and protect him throughout his life. How to congratulate the kid and his parents on this great day, what to wish the godson, what words to express his great joy - read all about this in the article.

Congratulations on the boy's baptism

A little about the importance of baptism

It is not for nothing that at the day of baptism the childis born spiritually. The sacrament is washed from the soul of a little man's original sin, which was given from birth by parents, opens the way to the Church of Christ, and with a righteous later life - to eternal life and paradise. Therefore, the christening is really a great holiday. And you, as a godfather or just a close person, can express through their congratulations on the boy's baptism his great joy for him.

congratulations on the child's baptism of a child
It's worth remembering ...

When congratulating the boy's baptism,to wish him and his parents that the angelic purity that he had acquired was preserved for the rest of his life. It is not necessary to memorize a verse or to come up with phrases that you will say. When everything comes from a pure heart, and not read through a piece of paper, it is much more interesting and correct. Even the most common words, "Baptism with you, little one!", Supplemented by a kiss in a plump cheek, are always more effective than mechanically pronounced phrases from a learned volume of poems or prose. Do not worry, God sees your thoughts and sends him all the good things that you could not express with joyful excitement.

congratulations on the child's baptism in verse and prose

Congratulations on the boy's baptism in verse

If you for any objective reason do not havethe opportunity to come to the sacrament, still try to express your congratulations to the boy's christening. In verse or prose, through a postcard or SMS - it does not matter. The most important thing is that words come from the soul and do not carry a hidden implication. If you do not know how to compose poems, use ready-made ones, for example:


The sun glanced into the window,

Wake up, quickly, baby,

Dress up, put on shoes,

Go to church.

There today, God is there for you

His Angel will send.

May He keep you safe,

From any trouble saves.


In the great festival, the day of christenings,

Let me, my family, wish,

To grow up healthy, strong son,

That God emitted his grace on him.


May the Guardian Angel guard you,

Leading the hand along the path of life,

From any troubles and troubles will save,

Health and happiness, my boy, you.

Happy Baptism Day!

It is worth noting that congratulations on the christeningboy in verse, written in a postcard or sent via SMS, are very pleasant, they evoke kind feelings from his parents. But if you are far away, it is always better to call and wish everything you just want, and if close - go to the sacrament and speak out there.

congratulations with the boy's christening in verse

Congratulations on the boy's baptism in prose

Congratulations on the boy's child's baptism inprose, as in poetry, should reflect the feelings that you feel for him: love, tenderness, caring. To wish the child can be God's blessing, the help of saints, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual strength and so on.


Dear little one, I congratulate you on one of the important things in holidays - with baptisms! I wish the Lord and his helper, your Guardian Angel, to protect you from failures and misfortunes. Let in your life there will be a lot of happiness, love, warmth in the soul. Kindness to you and all the very best. Congratulations!


Dear our granddaughter, let grandmother and grandfathercongratulate you on a bright day of baptism. May God hear our prayers and give you health, happiness, love and warmth of loved ones. Let your life be illuminated by the bright rays of the sun. We love you very much, with baptisms!


Dear parents, we congratulate you on your baptismyour boy. From this, the Lord and the angels will constantly protect him. We wholeheartedly wish that all sorrow and sorrows passed him by, and the path of life was illuminated by kindness, respect for the elders, love for the Lord and the warmth of close people. Do not forget to teach him to follow the commandments of God. With a great holiday!


Dear parents, look at your son today. Today the kid looks very adult, because he feels the whole importance of what is happening: he has acquired the Guardian Angel in Heaven, who will protect him and guide him throughout his life's journey. We would like to congratulate you on this significant event. Wish patience, strength, health, love and joy. With the christening!

Congratulation to the boy from the godparents

Godparents must congratulatechild with a great holiday. Even better, if they can give him something to remember about this day - a dagger, postcard or some appropriate souvenir.


Dear (names), today our boy has passed hisThe first sacrament in life is baptism. Now he has us, his godparents. Solemnly we promise that we will help everyone, than only we can, our named son, protect him from all sorts of adversity as much as we can. We would like to wish that the kid rejoiced you with his victories and achievements, as well as patience and health. Let each day be lit by the merry laughter of the beloved sun.

how to congratulate a boy with christening

A few words to the godparents

Baptism is an important day not only in the life of the childor his parents, but also in yours. Becoming a godfather, you take responsibility for the boy, all subsequent life and work before God. Therefore, it does not matter whether you read the congratulations on the child's baptism in verse and prose or not, just remember to love your boy. Be happy and healthy. Happy Great Mystery Day!

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