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The pace of life of a large city is so high thatparents who have small children, sometimes do not keep up with him. To be mobile and active, but at the same time fulfill their direct parental responsibilities, they are with great responsibility

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refer to the choice of a baby stroller.Modern manufacturers, taking into account the needs of both parents and the baby, are constantly working on the design of more advanced designs that have high mobility, comfort and reliability. In addition, when developing the design of a baby carriage, they take into account modern fashion trends.

One of the leaders among various models of children'swheelchairs, of course, are the strollers "Leader Kids". After all, these are maneuverable and light children's "vehicles", which are made of modern fireproof and durable materials. They are distinguished by their safety and bright, modern design. With such a stroller it is convenient to go to shops, walk in crowded places and even ride public transport.

"Leader Kids" strollers are easyfold and are ideal for residents of high-rise buildings. Convenient mechanism of transformation makes it possible to easily fold the product, thanks to its light weight it can be carried on your hands. Modern models in a folded form occupy very little space, but meanwhile for a child they are quite spacious.

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Traditional strollers are twoKinds: "Leader Kids" stroller is a cane for children who can already sit well, and a wheelchair with three and four wheels. And the wheels can be either all doubles, or only the twin front, which are able to rotate 360 ​​°. Such a thoughtful design provides good maneuverability. However, for driving on impassability for the best passableness of a carriage it is necessary to fix wheels. Another important fact is also important: rubber wheels are easily removed for washing and do not rumble on the road surface. Both versions of the wheelchairs have a light aluminum frame, are very comfortable for children, practical, beautiful and reliable.

Among parents who want to have time everywhere anda lot of moving, the most real wand is the universal child stroller "Wheeler Leader" 3 in 1, the kit includes a car seat and a walking block. This is an excellent assistant, which guarantees the safety of the child during the trip, even if there is no second adult. It can simply be fixed in the back seat and quietly set off on the road.

Today the company "Lider Kids" produces andstroller "Leader Kids" for twins, which allow you to walk with children in any weather. From the change in weather, the kids will be protected by a raincoat and a special warm cloak covering the baby's legs. In such children's vehicles, you can adjust the height of the footrest and the backrest inclination, which can occupy five seating positions: from the horizontal level for sleeping to fully sitting.

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Those mothers who have a wheelchair "Leader Kids",reviews about it are expressed very different. But usually all converge in one - it's a comfortable model with a decent passableness, comfortable and spacious place for a child and equipped with a container for things that is necessary for the mother on walks and for trips to the store.

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