How to determine the size of children's shoes by age

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Choosing shoes for a child - it's veryresponsible. For parents, the size of children's shoes by age will be easiest to choose if they are guided by the main criteria and parameters. Quality footwear, of course, plays an important role for the emerging gait and health of the baby,

size of children's shoes by age

However, you must comply with thesizes of children's shoes. Natural materials, quality seams and a trustworthy producer are important aspects, but not the most basic ones. First of all, the child needs to feel comfort.

How parents choose their choice

Everyone knows that children grow very quickly. During the first years the child will replace more than one pair of shoes. Despite this, it should be good and quality. Most parents tend to buy shoes from reputable manufacturers. Many of them are foreign. Therefore, often there is a mismatch in the sizes of children's shoes. Each country has its own measurement scale, which guides producers.

Matching sizes of children's shoes

Parents of babies have to make measurements of their feetor rely on your visual perception, which very often leads to errors. Taking a baby for fitting is very difficult, so you have to trust your own measurements.

What not to do when buying shoes

Very often, when making a choice, parents allowvarious errors. The size of children's shoes by age is different for different firms and producing countries. It often happens that errors occur when measuring the foot of a house (if this footwear is bought for the first time) or in the presence of a sample (it is not measured, but taken for the axiom indicated size on the shoe).

The main mistakes of parents

Parents who are trying to figure out the size of the child often make similar mistakes:

  1. Measuring the selected shoes, ask the child aboutcomfort. Often for children, the choice of shoes can be stressful, so they can give fuzzy or untrue answers. In addition, very young children will not be able to understand what Mom or Dad needs. A child can give preference simply by color, shape, saying that he likes and likes.
  2. During the purchase, parents apply shoes tofoot to determine the size of children's shoes by age. Depending on the type, type, external shoe boundaries, the insole and sole may not strongly coincide. Do not also consider the size of children's shoes in centimeters on the sole. It is better to check the dimensions of the insole or directly dress it on the child.
    Children's shoes sizes in centimeters
  3. During the fitting process, many people try to checkthe distance between the heel and the back of the shoe or grope your fingers in front. This is not entirely correct, as the child during the fitting process can flex the fingers or the shoes themselves simply will not allow to determine the location of the fingers and heels.

Size chart - the main assistant in the choice of shoes

To help parents, a specialtable, which presents the children's sizes of shoes in centimeters. In such a table, there is an average foot size in centimeters, which corresponds to a certain age. But to choose simply by the age of the child, without making measurements of his foot, is also not worth it, since not all children fit the standard parameters.

And the size of children's shoes is very Russiandiffers from the same European or American variant. Therefore the table of correspondence of the sizes of footwear for children is convenient for transferring one parameter of footwear to another.

children's shoes size table age

The count in centimeters of foot starts from 9.5. The difference in the accepted sizes between the Russian standard and the European one is one. That is, for example, children at the age of three years have a foot of 16 centimeters, which corresponds to the Russian standard of 26 sizes, while the European size with the same foot will be 27.

What is a Stealth System

Undoubtedly, it will help to determine the children's sizesshoes table, the age in which indicates the average. But you can also use the beam system. Many parents, when they found that shoes can not be picked up on the sole of shoes, come to a different decision. Take a piece of paper, put a baby's foot on it and outline it.

The size of children's shoes is Russian

The drawn foot is measured with a ruler from thethumb to heel. The number that will be obtained in centimeters will be the right size of the child's leg. In the same way, in most countries of the post-Soviet space, the dimensions of the footwear produced are measured.

In European countries and in America it is customaryUse a stihmassovuyu system to measure the baby's foot. The size of children's shoes by age is calculated, equating to the system of calm. Each pair of shoes has a marking corresponding to the length of the insole. It is measured in calm. One such stop is equal to two to three centimeters.

Small subtleties when choosing children's shoes

Buying seasonal shoes for a child, it is worthto understand that he will grow out of it very quickly, so it is not worth it. You should always have a small margin in size - about ten millimeters.

Measuring the leg of the baby, it is necessary to shootstanding measurements. Under the weight of the body, the leg becomes larger, so the measurements will be incorrect on the weight. Usually one leg may be slightly longer than the other. It should be taken into account. It is better to try on shoes on that leg, which is bigger. When buying winter shoes you need a stock of one and a half centimeter, for a summer one you need one centimeter.

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