Why do I need a carry-cot for a newborn?

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A baby has appeared in the family, and freedom of movementnewly made dad and mother immediately subjected to restrictions. Now it becomes difficult to visit not only countries by the sea, but even a trip to the subway carries with it certain difficulties. Producers reacted seriously to this problem, which contributed to the appearance on the market of a considerable amount of carry-over for toddlers.

Most likely, most of us have a certain knowledge of what a carry-cot is for a newborn, although its purpose is not entirely clear. Let's try to understand.

What is carrying?

carry cot for a newborn

Carriers in the form of cradles are applicable in the first six monthsthe life of the baby. Convenient cradles for babies in that you can put this improvised crib on any surface, and the baby will not burden the mother's arms. These adaptations are also good for those who actively use the car. The cradle is simply put on the rear or front seat and attached. Such a transfer can be installed in any stroller and already continue on the wheels. In all situations, the child will sleep peacefully, and no movement will disturb him.

Cradle-carrying for the newborn, as a rule,is equipped with a special rigid insert for the back of the baby, as a result of which his body will not bend when it is in it. This insert is easily removed, which makes it possible to wash the product if necessary.

When selecting, care must be taken to ensure thatCradle-carrying for the newborn was equipped with a protective hood. This precaution will not allow mosquitoes and flies to bother the baby, protect it from sunlight, rain and wind.

carrying cot for newborns

Also, carry-cot for a newborn can be equipped with special rigid inserts on the sides for greater protection and even fixation of the baby's body.

Need also a carry-over for a stroller that does not have a flat back surface. In this case, the cradle will prevent the curvature and discomfort of the baby's spine in its first months.

In addition, this product is considered to be reinforceda heater on frosty days. A carrying child can be re-qualified as a full-fledged, warm clutch for legs in a wheelchair. To do this, allow five point safety straps that are available on all models.

Cradle-carrying for newborns It is applied till six months, while the child does not get stronger, does not grow up and will not learn to sit confidently.

On a note

cradles for babies

When using any carrying is very importantbe sure of its reliability, as well as the reliability of the material from which it is sewn, and the fastening of the handles. A mandatory criterion is a firm and even bottom. This is especially important for very soft bones of the baby's spine.

Cradles for babies have gained their popularitythe possibility of finding a child in a natural position during sleep. With it you can go to the clinic, shopping, visit, do their own thing, and the kid will always remain in sight. Cradles are not deformed and put in any desired place. Also popular are strollers with cradles, which, if necessary, can be unfastened and moved around the apartment without wheels. In addition, they are inexpensive, but safe and externally beautiful. Successful shopping for you!

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