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How nice to relax after a hard dayarmchair under a light foot massage. But it is not always possible to consult a specialist. Therefore, your tired feet will help massage mat! He not only gives an opportunity to relax, he also heals your feet. After all, problems that, at first glance, seem trivial, can be quite serious. For example, take a flat foot. Some people believe that this problem is not serious.

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It all begins with a banal severity and pain in the legsand can develop into serious external deformities or even lead to a staggering gait. Agree, a pleasant little. Therefore, do not neglect the health of your legs, but give enough time to treatment and prevention of diseases in order to prevent unpleasant consequences. A wonderful way to heal flat feet is massage. It will help to strengthen muscles, normalize blood circulation, and also will facilitate your condition and bring pleasure. In addition, the feet are biologically active points. Massaging them, you benefit not only legs, but also internal organs. The most accessible and easy way to make your feet pleasant is the massage mat. With it, you can massage the legs while watching movies and TV shows, as well as in any free time. There are many rugs of various configurations and designs.

Rubber massage mat is designed fortreatment and prevention of flat feet. It can be used by both adults and children. Such a massage mat consists of rubber villi of different heights. When these spines are exposed, the muscles of the feet begin to reflexively contract, which helps strengthen the ankle joints. In addition, there is a point massaging of biologically active points, which favorably affects the entire body as a whole.

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Massage pads for the feet «Puzzles - Coloredpebbles "is made of anti-allergic PVC material, which is very elastic and safe to use. In appearance it looks like 4 different colored puzzles with stones. This mat is used to adjust the arches of the feet in adults, as well as for their proper formation in children. In addition, it improves the flow of blood, promotes proper metabolism, exercises foot massage, acting on reflexogenic zones, and also tones the muscles of the ankle.

There are two types of hardness: hard - designed for adults, and a soft massage mat - for children.

massage mat for children
Massage mat «Sea stones» is usedfor the treatment and prevention of various deformities of the feet in adults and children, including flat feet. Provides acupressure, corrects the arches of the feet in adults and promotes their proper formation in children, and also trains the muscles of the legs. Made this mat from hypoallergenic environmentally friendly material. At the top there is a special zone with villi for reflexogenic influence on the toes and feet.

Also there are many other types of rugs: with hemispheres, with the effect of sea pebbles and others. Each has its own purpose and promotes the health of your feet.

And although massage mats can not replacefull hand massage, but they will become your reliable friend and can be used every day at a time convenient for you. They will become your salvation from puffiness and heaviness in the legs after a stormy working day, and can also serve as an interesting and at the same time useful toy for your children.

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