How to say "Happy birthday, girlfriend" in your own words? Touching and cheerful congratulations

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On the eve of the birthday of the best friendbe sure to think about what to give. It is equally important to come up with an original greeting, which will surely show your relationship to a close person. "Happy birthday, friend!" - in your own words, so start a touching and at the same time original congratulation. Most importantly, do not panic, you just need to collect your thoughts and bring the matter to the end.

happy birthday girlfriend in your own words

"Happy birthday my friend!"

In your own words, you can say everything thatwant to wish a loved one. It is very important not to invent congratulations in prose or in verse at the last moment. But who knows, maybe you will be visited by the cherished inspiration when you go on the bus or during lunch break at work. Do not miss the opportunity to record the inspired lines, then to present them to your best friend at a meeting. Start the congratulation as follows: "Happy birthday, friend!". With your words, spoken with love, you will please an dear person. Congratulations will necessarily give a huge number of positive emotions. Any person will be pleased to hear cherished words, which will certainly demonstrate your attitude towards the birthday girl.

congratulations happy birthday girlfriend

Good mood is the key to success

Try to write greetings, staying ingood mood. In addition to these warm lines you can put all your sincerity and even share the memories that bind you. "Happy birthday, friend!" - in your own words, kind wishes you can surprise a person close to you.

Funny congratulations to your girlfriend

Flight of fantasy

Congratulations on your girlfriend's birthday can beto issue in the form of a special book with your joint photos, quotes and original pictures. Show all your creativity to the maximum, and then you can give a cherished holiday mood to your best friend. The book must be in a thick cover, you can start to fill it, asking your friend to write down in the "Diary of Friendship" all the most intimate.

Congratulations on your girlfriend's birthdaywrite on a balloon. Why not? Most girls associate this holiday with fun, cake and, of course, balloons. For maximum effect is not enough just a fun song, then come to the aid of funny congratulations friend. Helium ball will give the opportunity to perform the song in a funny voice, and you definitely will not worry about the fact that nature did not reward you with the perfect rumor.

happy birthday girlfriend in prose

Congratulations must be original

Funny congratulations to your girlfriend - it's onlybeginning, because you were preparing for her holiday, and it's time to surprise! You have the opportunity to come up with a few lines and devote them to a loved one. "Happy birthday" to a friend (in prose congratulations) you can write on the card, so as not to forget the wish word for word. On the other hand, it will be much more interesting to present congratulations in the form of a comic diploma, which can now be purchased at every step. The girl recently dyed her hair a light color? It's time to please her with "Natural Blonde Diploma", in which she will find funny quotes and statements about fair-haired women.

happy birthday best friend

Congratulations like a ray of sunshine

How else can I congratulate a loved one on the day?birth? A friend in prose can write several lines in her own words, wishing her the most intimate. Surely you know what the birthday girl wants and what she wants. The most important thing is not to be banal! Any wish, written in spite of its sincerity, should not sound too primitive. Health, happiness and love on this day she wants everyone, do not be like everyone else. You in fact carry the proud title of the best friend, therefore it is so important to tune in, to include imagination and to compose something really worthwhile. You can back up your wish with an appropriate gift.


If you know that the birthday girl practically spends the nightat work, it's time to give her a gift for the soul. How about a pet? Only you need, in advance, as if by accident, to ask whether she will love the little animal you were going to give her.

Another optimal option is a certificate in the SPA-salon. She will rest not only in her soul, but also in her body.

Happy birthday to your best friend you can present a congratulation in any form, the main thing - the words should be correctly chosen:

Love, intrigue and inspiration,

Good luck, joy, luck,

Stability, harmony and peace,

And do not forget about the plush crocodile.

You have wished for everything you need, and in addition, a soft toy in the form of a crocodile was presented. This is a trifle, but quite pleasant.

Wishes you can safely write on cakes. You will be able to surprise the birthday girl and make her carefully study the treat, which will show off "Happy birthday to a friend!". Tears can be brought to you with the help of sentimental congratulations. It is not difficult to move, because you have so many memories. Thus, you show her your infinite devotion and show how it is dear to you:

I want to congratulate my kitten on his birthday,

And wish her happiness, joy, luck,

In the career of inspiration,

And in love, more impressions,

Always stay the same beautiful,

Smiling, intelligent and passionate,

There is a man who will fall in love,

Who will not be rude and rude,

With whom you will go to the cinema.

There is that prince on a white horse,

With him, you will be happy always and everywhere.

Impressions of only the brightest

And from the life of fabulous gifts!

You can write a congratulation in prose: "Dear friend, I know what you want on this solemn day. Do not doubt, everything will come true. The main thing is that all your loved ones are healthy and happy. You will certainly cope with all the difficulties, otherwise it's easy, and can not be. Most importantly - do not take everything to heart. I wish you to be indifferent to those who have already once hurt you. Let in your life there will be no disappointments, throw out of the heart those of whom even one should not remember. "

The holiday should be remembered

Every word of congratulation should beheartfelt. Try to make sure that this day pleased her friend with vivid memories. A special date is a birthday, and you need to celebrate it so that you can remember for a whole year how wonderful you have been. How to celebrate - a big company or in a small one? This decision will be taken by the birthday girl herself, in any case the holiday should turn out to be very sincere and as sincere as possible. You can easily prepare a fun contest program and start with the congratulations of the guests. Let everyone wish something good to the birthday girl! Words will help convey all the most intimate, each of the thoughts. That's why it's so important to give this a little time and prepare a good congratulation.

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