Holy: women's names in September. How to name the daughter?

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In the famous cartoon sung:"How do you call a yacht - so it will float." The same can be said about human names. The way a person is named, in many ways determines the character of the person. The priests recommend adhering to the name that falls on the child's date of birth. Such children will be under the care of their guardian angel for life.

Name and destiny

Before calling the girl born at the endAugust-early September, you need to know some features of the nature of the "autumn" children. After all, as is known, character breeds the destiny of a person. September celebrants are distinguished by purposefulness, diligence, disinterestedness and quick temper. On the other hand, the onset of autumn depression can give rise to a depressed nature. Therefore, the names for autumn babies should be soft, inspiring hope and optimism.

female holy names September

In the olden days our ancestors believed that the name given inthe honor of the patron saint, protects the child throughout the life course, instructs him on the right path and helps in the correct resolution of problems. Today, many women's names are known according to the saints. September is rich in original names for young ladies. There are names not only of Slavic origin, but also of Greek, Roman and even Hebrew. The September-October period is marked by a wide choice in this regard.

Popular female names of August and September for the holies

Girls born in the last month of summer andthe first month of autumn, are hilarious and active. Therefore, the female names of August-September are light and light. Augustine girls will come up with such names as Eugene (1.08), Maria (4.08), Anastasia (10.08), Xenia (26.08), Anna (28.08). Forgotten, but again coming into fashion will be the names of Efrosinya (3.08), Praskovya (8.08), Seraphim (11.08), Evdokia (18.08). The original gift for parents and the newborn will be the name of Iya (17.08), Nona (18.08), Eva (27.08).

September 24 women's saints

The beginning of September will please the name-days of Martha (3/09), Regina (7/09) and Natalia (8.09). These names have not lost their popularity today.

Fashionable female names in September-October for the holies

Angelina, Eugene, Elizabeth and Milena cancelebrate the day of the angel on September 12. The middle of the first autumn month (15/09) is the birthday of Seraphim. The name gives a light and solemn look to its owner. Most of all Anna was lucky: having celebrated the day of the angel in August, she has the opportunity to repeat the celebration and on September 22. Lovers of original ideas will have to taste September 24: for the saints, the female names that fall on this day are very unusual: Avdotya and Theodora. 28/09 - the day of women named after Lyudmila.

holy women's names September October

But the real fireworks falls on the lastthe day of September. 30/09 the name day is celebrated by Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia. This day is consecrated by the names of three sisters and their mother Sophia, who suffered for the ideas of the Christian faith.

Unusual names

Let's look at the rare female names inSeptember for the saints and their significance. This month is rich in long-forgotten names for girls. So, at the very beginning of the school year, all Fecles can celebrate their name day. From Ancient Greek, Thekla is translated as "God's glory". Feklushi has a complex, controversial character. However, the girl practically does not give in to despondency. With her calmness, she can bring to frenzy any man. However, this calmness helps her in difficult everyday situations not only not to lose her head, but also to be a reliable support for others.

Lovers of ancient Greek legends know a womanthe name Ariadne. It was this girl who helped Perseus overcome the malicious Minotaur. From the ancient Greek name is translated as "the most attractive." But not everyone knows that Ariadna was also called a slave, who suffered under the Emperor Hadrian for her faith in Christ. Ariadne celebrates the name day on September 4. Girls, named after a dedicated slave, are distinguished by thoughtfulness, determination, curiosity. However, when calling the daughter of Ariadna, one should remember that any change of circumstances can lead her out of emotional balance. Therefore, in extreme conditions, the girl needs selfless support.

holy women's names August September

4/09 celebrates the day of the angel Eulalia.A long time ago, a young twelve-year-old Eulalia was crucified for her faith and devotion to Christ. A girl who possesses this bright and pure name of ancient Greek origin is endowed with intuition and discretion from a young age. A translation from the Greek "eloquent" testifies to a well-placed speech and alertness of the mind. Evlaliya is difficult to bring down from the path she has chosen. Along the way, she is a faithful friend in a difficult moment for others.

No matter how they call the girl, the main thing is that shegrew up happy, healthy and beloved. The maidens of the women's names of September will help parents in choosing the main word in the fate of the daughter. And everything else will make a living.

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