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When it comes to artificialbreastfeeding, moms remember advertising. One of the popular mixtures is Nan-1. Reviews of parents and pediatricians about this baby food vary. Let us consider in more detail how this mixture is safe for the health of the child, whether its composition is useful, whether there are harmful components in it.

Manufacturers of the mixture

Since 1962 the Swiss company Nestleproduces products called NAN. Since 2004, these mixtures are sold with the addition of bifidobacteria, which strengthen children's immunity. In 2010, the company Nestle was the first to produce milk of this brand with bacteria dentapro (Dentapro), which prevent the development of caries in children.

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From the very beginning, Nan food (1,2,3,4)was developed for healthy children who, for some reason, need artificial feeding. The composition of each type of products includes the necessary useful substances (iron, vitamins, lactose, taurine, nucleotides, fish oil, minerals) for the growth of babies, their physical and mental development.

The described mixtures help to strengthen the immunesystem, to adjust the intestine and prevent the appearance of anemia. They include whey protein, skimmed milk and whey, so many people with allergies are contraindicated. Also on the packaging do not indicate which particular vegetable oil contains a mixture of NAN.

Dry mixtures "Nan"

Nestle produces the following types of Nan mix:

  • "Nan-1 Premium" (Premium) can be used withbirth and up to six months. The composition "Nan-1" contains a complex of necessary vitamins and minerals for physical growth and mental development, as well as for strengthening immunity.
  • "Nan-2" is designed for babies from six months oldup to a year. It also strengthens the immune system, promotes vision and brain activity. Has a similar composition, only balanced taking into account age characteristics.
  • "Nan-3" is designed for children from year to yearone and a half years. It consists of probiotics, lactobacilli and "smart" lipids, which not only strengthen the immune system and promote normal intestinal function, but also prevent caries.
  • "Nan-4" has almost the same composition withuseful bacteria as the previous mixture. It is intended for children from one and a half years as a lure to the main meal. Also prevents caries, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the work of the intestines.

Hypoallergenic mixtures "Nan"

The company "Nestle" for children prone to allergies,develops several types of mixtures "Nan hypoallergenic": 1 and 2. This baby food also contains whey protein, but with a special amino acid composition, resulting in a reduced risk of food allergies. In addition, constipation and colic disappear or decrease.

composition nan 1

For allergy sufferers, mixtures,balanced by the content of trace elements. They are intended for children with weak immunity and intestinal problems. They include the following components: taurine, L-histidine, L-arginine, L-carnitine, starch, whey hydrolysed protein, vegetable oils, maltodextrin, minerals, lactose, trace elements, fish oil, vitamins.

Dry hypoallergenic mixture "Nan-1" is intendedfor babies since birth. Manufacturers focused on the fact that it can only be given under the supervision of a doctor, despite the fact that it does not contain allergenic components. NAN-2 food is allowed for babies with half a year and has a more balanced composition with the addition of bifidobacteria.

Sour-milk mixtures

In addition to the dry mix for healthy children,a series of fermented milk products with live bifidobacteria. This food can also be given to children with a violation of intestinal flora, stool (constipation) or with colic. The fact is that in the composition of such a mixture there are useful bifidobacteria.

As in hypoallergenic products, there are isolatedfermented milk mix "Nan-1" (since birth) and "Nan-2" (with half a year). The composition of both species is almost the same, only the second variant is more nutritious, which is necessary for the growth of six-month-old children. For babies a mixture of "Nan sour-milk-1" is produced.

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Pediatricians 'comments focus on parents' attentionon the fact that it is impossible to give a mixture intended for older children since their intestines can not cope with the digestion of the constituent components. And kids over half a year will not be full of the mixture from the first series.

More novelties of "Nan" mixtures

The company is constantly developing and expanding the spectrum ofproducts. For half-yearly children, that is, the age when the active introduction of complementary foods begins, a dry mixture with bifidobacteria is released. It includes such components: a mineral-vitamin complex that is balanced for a given age, cultures of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, vegetable oils, lactose, whey, skimmed milk, fish oil, soy lecithin. This baby food is designed to activate natural children's immunity.

The lactose-free mixture "Nan" is intended for childrenany ages that have lactose intolerance, diarrhea. In its composition, there is no lactose, maltodextrin reduces manifestations of stool disorders, and nucleotides strengthen immunity.

Premature babies were not disregarded andkids with shortage of body weight. For them, the company Nestle produces a mixture of "Pre-Nan", which consists of easily digestible fatty acids (AK and DHA), necessary for the development of the brain, central nervous system, vision, intelligence. The remaining 70% is a protein complex, important for the growth of muscle mass.

Dry mix: composition "Nan-1"

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None of the products have dyes, geneticallymodified components, preservatives and flavors. The mixture is produced in tins of different packing (400 and 800 grams). Before buying carefully study the composition of baby food!

The composition of the mixture "Nan-1 Premium" is enrichedbalanced mineral-vitamin complex, demineralized whey, skimmed milk, lactose, vegetable oils, soy lecithin, whey protein, fish oil, potassium and calcium citrate, calcium and sodium phosphate, ferrous sulfate, copper, zinc, manganese, sodium selenate, nucleotides, potassium iodide, taurine, inositol, sodium and potassium chloride, carnitine, bifidobacteria.

The composition "Nan-1 hypoallergenic" includespractically the same mineral-vitamin complex, nucleotides, bifidobacteria and other useful substances, only a mixture is created on a partial hydrolyzed whey protein. There are no dairy components that cause allergic reactions.

Recommendations of pediatricians
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Pediatricians emphasize that breastfeedingMilk for a child brings much more benefits than artificial mixtures. However, if it is impossible to provide natural feeding, carefully approach the choice of baby food. It is not necessary to purchase mixtures of different manufacturers or different series of the same brand. Complementary feeding should be carried out according to the instructions that are written on the package, if the doctor does not give special recommendations. Consider this for the example of a dry mixture of Nan-1. The instruction on the package reads:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before cooking.
  • A bottle with a pacifier should be already dry andsterile clean. If you do not have time to clean the container in time, rinse it in hot water. Then boil for about five minutes (you simply dip it a few times in boiling water). Put a bottle with a pacifier on the towel and cover with a clean cloth.
  • Boil water and cool to 40 degrees. Re-boiled liquid can not be used.
  • Take the bottle and, according to the norm on the package, pour the water and add a measuring spoon to the mixture.
  • Put on the pacifier and lid, shake the mixture well so that no lumps form.
  • Pack the baby food tightly.

Before each feeding, do a new portion. Do not let the remnants of the last mixture!

Negative reactions when using a mixture of Nan-1

Reviews of moms about the products of this series are often negative, but if you study the small details, you can understand that the reason is different.

nan 1 instruction

  • It seems that parents know the recommendations forpreparation of the mixture, but still make mistakes. So, you can hear on the playground, as one mom says another, that does not "bother" with a measuring spoon, but pours a mixture of "Nan-1". Reviews after this on the unflattering forums: "The child has terrible colic, the chair is broken, the baby suffers from constipation, constantly screams."
  • Another option is when mothers adhere tomixed feeding, while not watching their diet, and eating any allergenic foods. And then they sin on the mixture, because of which there was a rash, itching, redness of the skin in the baby.
  • Another point - when parents, especially in the heat,poorly wash the bottle, do not boil water or decide to dilute the fresh mixture of the remaining. Often, vomiting and diarrhea in a child are written off for baby food.

How do you know if the mixture came up

As you can see, the previous situation shows thatit's not a mixture of "Nan 1". Parental feedback is often biased. Another thing is when mothers do not know that a child has lactose deficiency or an allergy to cow protein. Then, when taking a mixture with milk, allergic reactions may appear. In this case, change the baby food at the doctor's recommendation.

Nan fermented milk 1 review

Allergies can appear on any product, not only on the mixture, so you should monitor the child's reaction. Remember the following:

  • Dilute mixture according to the table on the package or doctor's recommendation.
  • Begin entering the baby food with 90 ml.
  • When introducing the mixture, do not give any new products, drinks.
  • Especially closely monitor the skin rashes, stool, the state of health of the child within three days after feeding.

When observing simple rules, the child feelsIt's good for feeding with a mixture of Nan-1. Parents' reviews sound more optimistic: "The baby is cheerful and cheerful, the constipation has gone, a rash has occurred, which was noted when using the previous mixture."

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