Veteran of Labor, position and title of him in Russia

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Veterans of war and labor in our country alwaysexpressed honor and respect, since any person who is devoted to giving up his work or defending the Motherland, is a worthy example for imitation. Every veteran of labor, whose position and legal status is enshrined in the constitution, has the right to receive certain benefits, as well as discounts on the payment of communal and other services. However, this title is not allotted to everyone, because a person should rightfully earn this status by his own labor.

In the Russian Federation, all issues related tothe title of veterans of labor, are regulated by the special Regulations on conferring the titles "Veteran of Labor", approved by the Ministry of Justice of our country. The provision on the title of veteran of labor provides for the award of such a person to persons who have worked 40 years for all women and 45 years for all men. If a person started his labor activity before reaching the age of majority, and found the Great Patriotic War, the status is awarded with at least 40 work experience (for men) and 35 years (for women).

In addition, there is a special listoccupations, work in which is associated with harmful working conditions, which include work of increased danger, underground (mines, mines), as well as work with difficult working conditions. Citizens of such professions previously retire, and also have certain benefits.

To receive the title of veteran of labor to a personit is necessary to apply with the application to the local body of the executive committee and attach to it documents that can confirm his right to confer him an appropriate title. Such documents are the work book, medals and orders, with the appropriate supporting papers, departmental labor awards and various insignia that were given to a person during his work activity. After submitting the entire package of documents for the designation of the title of "veteran of labor", a special commission is obliged within 15 days to consider and collectively decide on conferring the appropriate status to a person or to make a justified refusal.

It should also be emphasized that the title of "veteranlabor, "the situation can be attributed solely to the authorities of the executive committee, and no enterprise can independently implement this procedure.The veteran of labor, whose position guarantees his right to use the prescribed benefits, has the following advantages:

  1. The monthly monetary compensation for local city communication services is about 250 rubles.
  2. Travel in most means of public transport is free (except for taxis and minibuses).
  3. A discount of 50% on utility bills (electricity, gas, water heating and so on).
  4. A discount of 50% on the rent in the case of a residence permit for a veteran of labor.
  5. Free annual holiday in a sanatorium for treatment, which is fully paid by the state. To receive it, a person must apply to the district social protection office with the appropriate application.
  6. Provision of food in urban canteens at the expense of the city budget.
  7. Free manufacturing of some dentures, as well as dental treatment.

Thus, any veteran of labor, positionwhich is proved by an appropriate certificate, is entitled to receive appropriate privileges. It should also be stressed here that from year to year the attitude of the public service to veterans is improving, and if a person falls under the category of beneficiaries, then the executive committee almost never refuses such a person to register him as a veteran of labor activity. This gives me hope that soon all veterans of labor and war will not only receive well-deserved privileges, but will also reach a good standard of living.

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