How to stretch shoes at home - tips that work!

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Each of us at least once in my life came acrossthe problem of tight shoes. How it works: like you come to the store, try on, and everything sits fine, and you'll return home - cramped, uncomfortable, pressing. What to do in this case?

how to stretch shoes at home

First of all, let's talk about how to avoid such unpleasant moments:

- If there is such an opportunity, givepreference for leather or suede shoes. She is stronger and quickly sits down her leg. In addition, if necessary, you can carry out some procedures to increase comfort (but how to stretch the shoes at home, later).

- Go for shopping in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Your feet are swelling after a busy day, and, therefore, shoes are needed more.

- Thoroughly inspect the model you like, be sure to try on both shoes and go or, if necessary, run.

However, if the trouble still happened, and the shoes are so in the soul, that there can be no question of returning, then human cleverness comes to the rescue.

My advice - go to a professional! Almost every shoe repairman has a special device for stretching it and will gladly help you.

stretch for shoes buy

But if there is no desire or opportunity to turn to a specialist, you can try to manage on your own.

There are many different tips on how tostretch shoes at home. I will only talk about those that really work. Important! If your shoes are made of suede or velor, do not use alcohol, cream, vinegar or any other means (except for specially designed ones) on its surface.

How to stretch shoes at home

stretching of shoes in length
1. On sale there is a small stretch for shoes, which can be bought in special departments for the care of shoes or in the market. The thing is very useful and inexpensive.

2. Use a solution of alcohol and water (1: 1). Spray on the surface and inside, put on shoes on a tight toe and walk until it dries.

Attention! For varnish skin, it is necessary to use a solution of alcohol and water in proportions of 2: 1.

3.For smooth skin, you can use fat cream, castor oil, glycerin, petrolatum or vegetable oil. Apply to the surface and problem areas inside, let stand for about 2 hours, clean and then put on a tight toe. Under the influence of fatty acids, the skin will become more elastic and easily sit on the leg.

4. Hold the shoes over the steam, put on a tight toe and walk for several hours.

5.Insert plastic bags filled with water inside the shoes and leave in the freezer for the night. Under the influence of low temperatures, water expands and stretches the walls of the shoe. In the morning, take out the shoes from the freezer and let stand until the ice begins to melt. Then remove the bags and can safely shoe.

6. Lubricate with paraffin problem spots on the model and wear a tight toe.

7. Spread 3% vinegar solution on the surface of problem areas, put on a tight toe and walk until it dries.

If you do not have the time or the desire to wear tight shoes, you can always fill the models with wet newspapers and leave them to dry.

Now you know how to stretch your shoes at homeconditions. However, be careful when buying. Do not forget that stretching shoes in length is only possible on a half-size. If you are trying to adapt shoes for yourself that you are catastrophically small, you risk ruining either them or your legs.

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