Silver wedding. What to give to parents?

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The choice of gifts is generally quite painstakingoccupation, but, you see, that's nice. After all, you invest in the chosen thing you all the warmth, respect and love that you feel for this person. Even more interesting is the choice of a gift for a silver wedding.

what to give to parents

What to give to parents? In fact they for certain will modestly remain silent on all your inquiries and attempts to find out it. And you yourself think that the usual trinkets, which are customary to give on all sorts of holidays, it's not at all what you need. After all, so much lived! For a quarter of a century these people stayed side by side and in joyful and sad moments. How can they make it clear that you respect their tolerance, the ability to find a compromise and affection for each other? What to gift parents for a silver wedding?

Choosing silver

The very definition of the anniversary is an excellent clue, which metal and color should be preferred. Jewelry made of silver will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the holiday.

what to give for a silver wedding to parents

For a long time there was such a custom: on the day of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the wedding, the husband and wife exchanged silver rings that were worn on the right hand next to the wedding. These rings can be given to parents by children. Gifted by you, these decorations will be the anthem of eternally young relationships in marriage. But do not forget that they must be the same for both spouses.

If you think about what to give to your parents, thenLess memorable will be silver bracelets for the father and mother. After all, a bracelet is infinity. The infinity of relationships, the infinity of your love for them and their feelings for each other. Do not forget, giving this, explain your choice, adding to the appropriate wishes.

It is customary to present the wedding and its anniversariespaired gifts as an affirmation that all in this life the spouses are now compelled to divide in half. But you can make an exception, giving, for example, a dad to a silver cigarette smoker, and to my mother a chain with a pendant. Choosing it - it's expanse for your imagination. After all, you can give and a drop as a sign of the tiny thing that you can express in words. A pendant-heart or a talisman with a symbolic meaning will look good.

An indelible impression will be made and personally cooked breakfast, served to parents in bed on a silver tray.

And if not silver, then what to give to parents? Other options

what to give to parents for a silver wedding
Arguing what to give to parents, remember thatit may not be silver items. It is enough that they have the appropriate color or detail. So, a wonderful gift can be a family portrait, placed in a silvered frame, and even a voucher for a joint vacation, but tied with a silver ribbon.

And how will their faces be amazed and joyful when youBring them an invitation to their joint anniversary in a restaurant! Let it be only for them two, it's unforgettable. Prepare in advance, and the holiday will be your recognition of love for your very own people.

So, what to give for a silver wedding to parents, it turns out, is not so important. The main thing is that they feel the warmth, love and tenderness that you feel for them.

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