How to choose a baby carriage

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On how to choose a stroller, many futureparents begin to think about during pregnancy. When the baby is born, mom will no longer be traveling to the shops and markets, so it's better to make a choice in advance by carefully reviewing the different models and comparing their characteristics. What should be a baby carriage? First of all, comfortable, stable, maneuverable and, of course, beautiful! And in order to understand how to choose a wheelchair for a child, it is necessary to determine the number of requirements put forward to it, read reviews of various models on the Internet, ask familiar young parents (after all, to whom, if not they, to know all the minuses and pluses of their strollers).

How to choose a baby carriage

First, it is necessary to think about what hasDo you value the weight of the stroller. If, for example, you live in a private house or on the ground floor of a multi-storey building, or you have the opportunity not to lift a stroller into an apartment (leaving in a garage, a storage room), then you can not think about the weight of the baby crew. Also, you are unlimited in your choice if you have an assistant ready at any time to take out and bring the wheelchair (for example, the husband or another member of the family working at home) or if you live in a house with an elevator (although here too there are difficulties because, elevators have the property of breaking down at the most inopportune time). In other cases, you should choose the most lightweight models, as well as strollers that can "step" on the stairs. If you have an elevator in your house, be sure to measure its width and length, because not all children's vehicles are placed in it.

Secondly, wheelchairs are of great importance.Some models are equipped with small wheels (most often doubled), which provide good maneuverability, but they can only be rolled on ideally smooth tracks. As a rule, such wheels are wheeled by famous European manufacturers, and they are not oriented to roads with pits, bumps and bumps, and also not for the winter with snowdrifts and ice. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the probable routes of your walks (one thing, if you just walk along the alleys of the park, and another - if you have to combine the walk with the campaign to the market, to the post office, to the bank). You also need to consider the duration of operation - if your child was born in the spring, you can buy a light and maneuverable cradle-cradle on small wheels, and by winter to buy a full-sized stroller with large wheels. In general, when deciding how to choose a stroller, keep in mind that wheelchairs with large wheels (diameter from 30 cm) that easily overcome various obstacles, ride through snow, sand and impassability are best for our conditions. Inflatable wheels provide good cross-over and cushioning (the child will not shake on bumps), but they have one drawback - they are easy enough to pierce, and thus get into a situation where it is impossible to drive a wheelchair and the home is still very far away. Although if you do not plan to make long march-throws with a stroller, then inflatable wheels - not the worst option. Cast wheels have a solid construction, so they are not afraid of punctures and damage, but the stroller with such wheels has a less smooth stroke. Wheels that rotate around their axis will make the wheelchair much more maneuverable, but with them it may be inconvenient to drive into curbs and walk around in very uneven terrain.

Third, decide which pen should be in theyour stroller. Most often, models for newborns have a one-piece handle that allows you to easily operate a child's vehicle with just one hand. Although some strollers are equipped with double handles, making the stroller more maneuverable. It is better to give preference to models with a height-adjustable handle, because such a wheelchair will be convenient for everyone to ride without dependence on growth - mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather, and even a younger brother or sister.

Fourth, before choosing a stroller,Pay attention to accessories, which at first glance are not necessary, but very easy to walk with the baby. This mosquito net, raincoat, bag (backpack) on the handle, shopping basket, the ability to unfasten the upper layer from the hood and canopy to get the summer version and many other useful things that make walks much more enjoyable.

Types of prams that are suitable for newborns:

- Classic cradles, reminiscent of strollers, inwhich in their time rolled around the current mothers and dads. Their distinctive features are a spacious basket with a high base, even bottom and high sides. Most often, these strollers have large wheels and are characterized by a smooth running. "Classic" suits babies from birth and up to 6-10 months (depending on the size, growth of crumbs and its character, since not every youngster at the age of 8-9 months will agree to lie in the cradle). The inner upholstery of such strollers is often made of cotton.

- Models 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, in which one chassisyou can install a cradle for a newborn or a walking unit (and in models 3 in 1, and a child car seat). Such strollers will serve the child from birth to 2-3 years. They combine all the advantages of classic strollers, multiplied by greater functionality.

- Transformers, which can accept anyposition from "lying" to "sitting" and are suitable for babies from birth until the stroller remains relevant (up to 2-3 years). These carriages often have a flip-up handle, which allows you to turn the child as a person in the course of movement, and face to mom, which can be very convenient. In addition, such strollers are reliable and stable. However, the transformers have disadvantages - a lot of weight (although you can find relatively light models) and poor maneuverability. For such strollers it is very desirable to use a special carrying case with a hard bottom or a rigid mattress, because in the "lying" position their bottom does not have a perfectly flat surface, which is very important for babies of the first months of life.

Most wheelchairs on the marketdestiny vehicles, are produced in Poland, Italy, Germany and China (although you can find American, English, Swedish, Korean, Japanese and Russian models). Of course, in terms of quality, reliability and thoughtfulness of all the details, the Polish and Chinese strollers lose Italian and German, but they are more affordable. In addition, many Polish manufacturers offer a wide variety of models that are ideal for our not always flat roads and harsh weather conditions, so the Polish baby carriages are loved by many parents. The most famous manufacturers of baby carriages are: Tako, Anmar, Baby Design, Koneco, Roan, Kitex (Poland), Peg-Perego, Chikko, Inglesina (Italy), Hauke, Grako, Jeoby (Goodbybee), Capella.

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