Counterfeit dolls "Monster High." How to distinguish the original?

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Cult dolls "Monster High" from "Mattel" alreadynot the first year of breaking records of popularity. Heroines of the same name cartoon smile from the store shelves with toothy smiles, flaunt fashionable clothes, detain the views of both fans and opponents. Bright images of "Monster" leave no one indifferent! After all, they made a real revolution in the toy world, bringing in it gothic notes. "Terribly beautiful" - that's what the creators say about them. Their unusual images contradict the accepted canons of beauty, but in spite of this, the popularity of terrible beauties is just off scale. One trouble - the original dolls are quite expensive. And not every girl can ask his parents for such an expensive toy. But where there is demand, the proposal quickly appears. Enterprising businessmen are not asleep, and the market is filled with fakes of "Monster High" dolls, which do not possess either the beauty or the quality that Mattel guarantees to its customers. How not to get lost and find the original among a huge variety of goods?

Distinctive features of toys "Mattel"

For many years the world of doll fashion has been ruled by thiscompany. It creates truly cult toys. On her own initiative, cartoon stories about characters are also filmed. Fashionable "Brats" and Gentle teenage girls "Moxi", articulated beauties "Moxi-Tinz" and a huge number of Princesses Barbie - all this is the work of "Mattel". Yes, to possess these toys is prestigious, and they are of interest not only for children, but also for collectors. But a relatively high price is due not only to the sonorous name of the manufacturer - "Mattel" toys have the highest quality. Safe plastic, a neat wig of the wig, stylish clothes, a large number of accessories - all this is inherent in dolls from "Mattel". And in general - the toys themselves are beautiful, like pictures! The dolls "Monster High" (counterfeits of which are mainly made in China) are made exclusively in Indonesia - this is worth paying attention first. And the rest of Matel's toys of Indonesian production are of the same high quality.

Learning to distinguish the original from the fake dolls "Monster High"

First, let's take a look at the visitors from the Middle Kingdom.

fakes of monster hi dolls

And this is the original.

monster High dolls. counterfeits

1. Pay attention to the packaging. The original inscription "Monster High" and the logo must be required.

2. Look at the state of the doll or set.The original dolls have a hinged body with shoulder, elbow, wrist, thigh, knee joints. Ankle-cast. The head is mobile, there is a hinge on the neck. Saddle and excessive leanness are inherent signs of the original.

3.The faces of the original dolls are very neat. In addition, each doll is made according to an individual mold and looks different from its girlfriends. But the dolls of one "breed" from different series are similar to each other. Detailed eyebrows, nasolabial folds, nostrils, ears - these are all signs of a real Monster High doll. Counterfeits are often cast on one faceplate.

4. The hair is made of quality kanekalon, their color corresponds to the color of the same name character cartoon.

5.Accessories are neat, do not have sharp edges. The entire outfit has also been produced in a qualitative way: no threads and disheveled edges stick out. But fakes of dolls "Monster High" can be dressed up in anything.

6. The original doll is made of high-quality plastic, safe for human health. Fake can be both plastic and rubber. The presence of an unpleasant smell of plastic should alert!

Real and fake Frankie

The easiest way to understand the example. Here is an inexpensive replica originally from Asia.

pictures of monster dolls of forgery

And this is the real Frankie - neat, stylish, safe for health.

Monster High

As you can see, to understand where the original, and where the fakes of dolls "Monster High," is not difficult. Be careful and choose only the best for children!

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