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Any young mother thinks about buying a strollerfor the baby. The choice is really difficult, because the market is filled with goods for a different taste. How not to make a mistake and as accurately as possible to choose a suitable model?

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The stroller "Bebeton" is one of the practicaland reliable options, which will bring pleasure not only to parents, but also to the kid. She will become a reliable assistant in the difficult work of raising a child. "Bebeton" is a stroller that is compact and multifunctional in use. Its weight does not exceed five kilograms. It is designed for a child weighing fifteen to seventeen kilograms, while the width allows you to put the child even in winter clothes (the width of the seat for a walk is thirty-two centimeters). The length of the sleeping place, together with the step, is seventy centimeters.

"Bebeton" is a stroller designed fortransportation of a child up to six years. For safety of the kid in the device the five-dot belt which protects the child from all sides is provided. For greater comfort, there is an unregulated stable footrest, which is made of durable soft material.

"Bebeton" is a stroller, convenient to operate, since movement and braking depend solely on the manager. It moves with the help of eight wheels, of which four are regulating.

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It is also convenient in transportation in public transport, as it is very simple. In the folded form of "Bebeton" the stroller takes up a small place and is freely transferred in one hand.

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The level of comfort of the baby and the parent is very high.The stroller can be purchased both in specialized stores and on Internet sites. This product is suitable not only for transporting a child from home to a designated place, but also for a walk, if you purchase special models. Made by the firm "Bebeton" stroller walking - this is one of the best options in which there is a grid for things and a compact visor.
It has a rigid back, which can be adjusted for sitting and lying position.

The stroller is presented in several colors:green, yellow, blue and red, and therefore suitable for three seasons: autumn, spring, summer. The choice depends on the tastes and preferences of the buyer. The stroller is convenient in that it can be placed on one hand when carrying it, which will save considerable time spent on traveling both in public transport and in places of large crowds.

When choosing this vehicle, remember,that the main factors that should influence your choice are the comfort and safety of the baby. Stroller "Bebeton" will be the best choice, which will fully meet all the requirements. This is quality and reliability, and a small price, and increased comfort, and convenience in operation. This model will be the most correct of all the options offered in the modern market of children's products.

Remember that a competent investment of money in the comfort and safety of your children is the guarantee of a long and happy life for a small person.

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