A machine for making sushi and rolls: the perfect dish in a few minutes

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Japanese cuisine is not for anyone anymorea wonder. Sushi and rolls at least once in their lives tried everything. Many mistresses tried to create a miracle of Japanese cuisine on their own. Of course, we are not talking about strict adherence to the original recipe, but it is possible to replace some products. If the recipe is more or less clear, then not everyone can make this dish an ideal shape. In this case, a machine for the preparation of sushi and rolls comes to the rescue.

What is sushi

Long to talk about what sushi, do not need. It should be noted that every time you change at least one ingredient they change their name.

sushi and roll making machine
At its core, rolls are rice that is flavoredrice vinegar, and a variety of seafood or vegetables rolled into a nori sheet. Sushi is rice sausages, on which the rest of the ingredients are superimposed.

Served with seasoning: soy sauce and wasabi. Most of the rolls and sushi in their composition have a pickled ginger, which gives a piquant dish. Sometimes it is served separately to remove aftertaste. Traditional seasonings for Russia do not fit, the exotic and unusual dishes will disappear.

Description of the machine

From the shape of the rolls depends the aesthetics of the dish. Basically, Japanese food, cooked at home, quickly collapses. And it spoils the whole impression. The more offensive, if it was prepared for the festive table.

sushi and roll machine

The machine for sushi and rolls will help to make rollsideal shape that does not fall apart. At the same time the hostess will spend minimum efforts. All you need to do is put all the products and form rolls. In the device, a sheet of Nori algae is first laid, on it - rice and other ingredients. The machine for making sushi and rolls gently compresses them into perfectly smooth sausages. After extraction they must be cut into pieces. You can enjoy a Japanese dish!

There are recipes where nori sheets are not used. And in this case, the machine for making sushi and rolls will do the job perfectly. All ingredients will be tightly pressed and will not fall apart.

Description of the set for sushi

The machine for making sushi and rolls is notthe only way to make an exotic home. Today, there are several options for this. On sale you can find sets for sushi and rolls. These are numerous shapes and a knife for slicing. The kit includes special shapes of different sizes. Some have incisions. With the help of them, rolls can be cut without removing them from the mold. The material for manufacturing is food plastic.

sets for sushi and rolls

The technology of making sushi with a set ofdiffers from the use of the machine. In most cases, you need to fill two halves of the mold with rice and stuffing. Only after that lay the rice roll on the sheet of Nori. To the ends do not turn around, they need to be slightly moistened.

The first preparation of a Japanese dish can takesome time, but the skill comes with experience. A little later this will take several minutes. Masters for twisting use bamboo mats. The method is quite laborious. For beginners, sushi is quite suitable set or a machine for sushi.

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