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Anna is one of the most common names in the world. Some sources even claim that the most common. Along with the name of Mary it is found in many languages, and all because, according to the biblical tradition, Anna was the mother of Mary, who bore Christ. It is possible that in the biblical times the name Anna was also very popular, since in the scripture two more Anna are mentioned: the mother of the prophet Samuel and Anna Propichitsa, the daughter of Fanuilov.

Due to its great popularity not only inour days, but also in antiquity, the name bore many saints, so Anna's birthday can be celebrated almost every month of the year. Some dates also "bifurcated" because of the transition of the calendar to a new style (similarly in Russia they celebrate the Old New Year). Of course, if you are going to celebrate your name day, you need to stick to one date.

Anna's birthday

Earlier, when the child was named aftera certain saint, the icon of this saint must have been at home, and about when to celebrate Anna's birthday, was known from the very beginning. Now, when parents call a child a name they like, you first need to find out which saint you patronize. There are several options for how to proceed.

First, you can choose the patron saintalone or by consulting with a confessor. In some places there are their own, most revered, saints. For example, Anna Kashinskaya was revered in the Tver provincial diocese for several centuries, even though she was tried to deanonize. Now Anna Kashinskaya is commemorated on June 25 and October 15 (new style).

Name Day Anna

The second thing you can do is turn tohis testimony of baptism. Recall that in some cases, when a given name is missing from the saints, another name is given at baptism. Having ascertained, in honor of which saint was given the name baptized, you will understand when it is necessary to celebrate the name-day. Anna and Mary are special names in this respect, as they are sometimes given to weak babies to call on the special mercy of God and to promote a speedy recovery. In some cases it happens that at baptism they give the name of a saint, whom they remember on that day, then the name day coincide with the day of the Angel.

The third is simply to choose Anna's birthday, the date of which is the closest to your birthday.

So, the most popular dates in the world (and in our country):

  • On December 9 and 22, Anna's name-day, timed to the conception of Anna's righteous daughter, the Blessed Virgin;
  • July 25 and September 9 (August 7 and September 22, according to the old style) also celebrate the name-day in honor of this saint;
  • November 20 - the birthday of Anna Persian
  • January 21 and July 5 remember Anna of Rome;
  • February 10 - the Monk Princess Anna Novgorod.
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It should be noted that the celebration of the name day in honor ofthe patron saint must pass in a quiet, tranquil setting. Many of the saints now revered suffered martyrdom, and the day of the name day often coincides with the commemoration day of the death of a saint. Almost the only exception is the name day of Anna Pravednaya, the days when the conception of the Virgin is celebrated.

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