Congratulations to the boy 7 years of his birthday must be beautiful and original

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Your son is growing up, and he is already 7 years old. You are preparing intensively for the holiday. What should be the congratulation of the boy 7 years of his birthday? Note that at this age, the guys are trying to find a standard of courage and courage, for example, in various superheroes. Therefore, congratulations to the boy 7 years old with his birthday can be somehow connected with them. Let's say you can do it in a heroic suit, giving the kid special attributes of your favorite idol. The child will like this option.

Congratulations to the boy 7 years of his birthday

In general, to combine a congratulation with a gift -the right decision. Does the child like to build something? Give him a designer, wishing success in your favorite business! Is he interested in sports? Give the necessary inventory, tell us that you hope to see its achievements in the future.

Congratulations to the boy 7 years old on his birthday: surprise him!

Wishes can be done in a more unusual way. This method is becoming more popular today. For example, congratulations to a boy of 7 years old with a birthday can be prepared in a video variant. Imagine how happy the child will be if congratulated directly from the computer screen or monitor!

birthday 7 years old boy script

This is perceived as a cartoon, so the birthday will be nice and interesting to watch it. This is especially true for those who want to congratulate the baby, but is far from it.

Participation in the quest

Another interesting option:congratulations to the boy 7 years old with a birthday in the form of a quest. However, this is more like a game. Participants must find various tips, after which with their help to calculate exactly where the prize is located. It's quite easy to come up with a quest. You leave in a prominent place a note in which it is indicated that your child's favorite character very much wants to congratulate him, having prepared a gift. However, the evil sorcerer took and bewitched him. The child must guess all the riddles prepared by him to dispel the evil spell. At the end, it is indicated that the next instruction will be found, for example, in the bedroom. There remains a note with the next task, and so on. Once the child has completed the entire quest, he will find a gift and a congratulation from his beloved hero. In a word, it is sure to please the baby, he will be proud of having passed many tests.

Zoo or museum

What else can you think up for a birthday of 7 years?to the boy? The scenario of the holiday can be organized, for example, in a museum or in a zoo. Together with the friends of the birthday boy, go to one of these places. There children are offered individual tours, various master classes, riddles, competitions, fun games and tea drinking. Organize the organization of such holidays now many institutions. Such an interesting program and will be an excellent congratulation for the child.

gift to a boy 7 years old birthday


And here's another wonderful gift for the boy 7years. Birthday can be held, giving children the opportunity to feel themselves heroes of their favorite fairy tales, that is, to arrange a kind of spectacle. To do this, you may need very little spending on props. You can also make masks for your birthday on the 7th birthday. The script can be allowed to be invented by the boy himself.

birthday contest 7 years old boy

If the finances are allowed, sew or takehired suits. The fairy tale can turn out simply magnificent! Do not forget to take pictures of everything that happens. When the birthday boy has already grown up, you can congratulate him with the help of a collage with imprinted children's pranks. Such a gift will remind you of a fun time that was held once.

Special Coupons

So, congratulations and competitions for birthday 7years, the boy can come up with a variety. For example, many children like the following fun idea. A nice notebook with tear-off leaves is taken. On several of them special coupons of the certain content are drawn. For example, "go to bed an hour later", "an additional fairy tale for the night," "another series of the animated series," "a trip to the zoo," "chocolate," "ice cream in any weather," etc., that is pleasant to your kid.

You can issue such coupons in the form oftsvetika-semitsvetika, allowing daily pull on the petal. Birthday will soon pass, but the child will be able to receive small pleasant surprises for a whole week.

Thus, to think over a good congratulation is not at all difficult. The main thing is just to show your imagination.

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