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The famous American company "Bestway" for a long timehas established itself as the largest manufacturer of inflatable beds, mattresses, boats, swimming pools and accessories to them. For its small customers, Bestway can offer luxury inflatable toys and small pools. All of its products are made from high-quality materials, so you do not have to worry about your safety. This company has an international certificate ISO 9001. Its products are distinguished by originality of design, brightness and excellent quality. In recent years, it has grown so much that it has long crossed the borders of the country and became known in many countries around the world.

pool-frame bestway
Today we want to introduce somemodels of pools Bestway. First of all, we want to introduce the Bestway frame pool, which you can install in the suburban area. It is very durable, its walls have triple stamina, as manufacturers used the special modern technology SUPER TOUGH. Undoubtedly, children will be especially happy with such an acquisition: to get pleasure from the refreshing water on a hot summer day in a large pool - which can be better for kids and teenagers!

The Bestway pool frame of this type accommodates 1724 liters of water, installed on metal racks, made of three-layer PVC, about one centimeter thick. It has quite impressive dimensions: diameter - two hundred and forty-four centimeters, height - sixty-one centimeters, weight - about sixteen kilograms.

Swimming pool frame Bestway 56251 significantlymore in size. It has a rectangular shape, which helps to make more rational use of the territory. Its dimensions are 404х201х100. By purchasing this model, you get an inflatable waistcoat and a circle as a gift. The pool is made of heavy-duty multi-layer reinforced PVC, it has a reliable steel frame, and therefore the product is very convenient and safe. Its volume is 6 930 liters. In the kit you get a DVD with a detailed description of the installation, filter pump, cartridge filter. Weight - 52,6 kg.

bestway frame pool

Swimming pool frame Bestway round 457h122 cmis represented by the StreelPRO line. All models of this line are equipped with a powerful steel frame, the cup bags are made of three-layer super-strong material. Models have a drain valve, which allows owners to control the speed of draining the water. When installing, look at the DVD disc that contains instructions for collecting the design. Pools of this series are the best choice for those who wish to organize a real pool on their site for the whole summer. This is a fairly large structure, its volume is more than sixteen thousand liters of water, the weight of the product is about eighty-four kilograms.

pool bestway frame
The Bestway frame pool became seriouscompetitor to their inflatable brethren. Its design is extremely simple: a bowl of their three-layer super-strong material is fixed on a steel frame. Such models are much stronger than inflatable analogs. They are capable of withstanding significant loads, so they are made deeper and more spacious.

The Bestway frame pool has a number of undeniable advantages:

- mobility and speed of assembly;

- does not require a pump for inflation;

- resistant to puncture and mechanical damage;

- compactly assembled for storage;

- differs light weight;

- Easy and convenient to care for.

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