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It's been a while since the endeducational institution - school, institute or university ... Everyone lives their own lives, someone communicates with some classmates and classmates, and someone does not want to remember school or student years, because he grew up and became a completely different person.

Someone has had pleasant memories of the yearsstudy, and someone was a "blue stocking" in school and at the institute, and after graduating from them, shook himself up, changed and became a completely different person - successful, beautiful. And now only with a smile recalls how he was offended or called. However, all people, regardless of the nature or age, unites one - I want to return in those years. To some, in order to prove to the environment then how wrong they were, and some just want to plunge into the atmosphere of school or student years, when there were no problems, and carelessness reigned. The only way to do this is to gather together after all these years.

Scenario evening meeting alumni can not be foreseen, but it's worth forgetting all the insults and remembering only the good.

In order for everything to go well, you needIn advance, at least a month, think over the whole scenario of the evening meeting of graduates. First, you need to make badges with names so as not to get into an embarrassing situation, because a person can change so much that it becomes unrecognizable. In addition, you can search for a class or course journal in archives and hold a roll call. It will be fun.

In the scenario of the evening meeting of graduates necessarilyIt is necessary to include memories of teachers or lecturers about pupils or students. However, the most important point, which will make it possible to make the scenario of the evening meeting of the alumni, naturally, is music. Against the background must necessarily sound songs from childhood, school or college years. If there are any videos, you can turn on the screen.

The scenario of the meeting of the graduates will be especiallyinteresting, if each of them can share memories and tell about who he has become today and how he lives. It will help people to remember and get acquainted again.

If possible, include in the scenario of the evening meeting of the graduates some part, during which teachers will speak. In addition, you need to prepare a song to sing for them.

It does not matter where the meeting is held - in a restaurant,a school canteen or someone at home. However, it is worth paying attention to the design of the hall or the stage, because it is necessary that people could return to the atmosphere of those years. Everything should be touching, exciting and interesting. The scenario of the evening meeting of graduates should be such that he could touch anyone's soul.

The most important role in the evening, of course,belongs to the leader. After all, it depends on him how everything will go. It is desirable that it is not one of the graduates, because graduates should only spend time pleasantly, and not think about what and when to talk.

Think about interesting contests and games.For example, guess on the school photo who is who, call the memorable dates. In addition, you can check how much school knowledge has been preserved by asking questions about geography, arithmetic, history or physics present.

If at the evening of graduates are present immediatelyseveral classes, then you can come up with a competition between them. Here, any competitions - from tug-of-war to word-playing are suitable. The main thing is the interestingness, uniqueness and spirit of the competition.

Whatever the evening, the scenario of the meetinggraduates should be thought through to the smallest detail. Remember that this is the only opportunity to return to the atmosphere of naivety and carelessness of those years, because sometimes you want to regain your childhood or youth for at least a few hours.

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