Irritation on the child's pride. What to do?

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Why does the child get irritated with the priest? This question worries many young mothers. The reasons for the appearance of such rashes are many, so it is important to quickly install them, although sometimes it can be difficult.

irritation on the child's pride
One of the most commonuse of convenient for moms, but not very useful for babies diapers. The delicate skin of the baby is very sensitive to the influence of a moist environment and, as a result, we get irritation on the body. First, there appear small painful watery pimples and redness. The child often cries, becomes very moody. Such a situation can not be left without treatment, since otherwise it can reach the wet bleeding scabs and take a more acute character.

Very often irritation on the child's prideis also due to the use of "incorrect" washing powders. It's no secret that all the products released in the RF contain insoluble compounds even in hot (100-degree) water. And the manufacturers' assurances about the absence of phosphates in children's powders are nothing more than a commercial move.

allergy in child prevention
Allergies in children: prevention

Try to use only powders, inwhich do not contain various harmful components. It can be determined very simply by pouring a small amount of powder into half a cup of boiling water. The harmless must completely dissolve. Various creams, gels, soaps and other household chemicals can also cause an allergic reaction, which is used for bathing a baby and washing his clothes.

Another common reason for irritation in the pope isthe child - inaccuracies in the diet of a nursing mother. This is the so-called food allergy. But in this case, redness appears on the tummy, and on the face, and on the limbs. As a rule, the symptoms disappear after changing the diet of the mother and excluding products that cause an allergic reaction in the child.

We examined the main causes that occur most often. But in any case, the methods of phasing out this problem are almost identical. Let's get down to business.

irritation on the body
In the first place, of course, pediatrician consultation is needed, but some steps will always be useful:

1. If there is irritation on the child's pride, you need to release the painful areas from panties, diapers, so that the skin rests and breathes. Most likely, you will need to change the manufacturer or kind of diapers.

2. Very good effect has cream "D-Panthenol". It is available and practical, very easy to use. Positive action is already evident the next day.

3. As for preventive and therapeutic purposes, it is good to use decoctions of chamomile and bay leaves, adding them to the bath while bathing the baby. They have an antiseptic effect and soothe irritated skin.

4. And the last: regularly ventilate the room where your baby is. This, by the way, is also the first step to begin hardening of the child.

If irritation appeared on the pope at the child, then immediately begin to treat him, always consult with your doctor, do not wait until things get worse. Health to you and your children!

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