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As you know, the newborn child is the mostneed physical closeness with his mother. Almost all young mothers know that it is worthwhile to take in the hands of a capricious baby, as he immediately calms down. Of course, it's very nice to keep your baby in your arms, but it's impossible to do all day. Especially if the house does not have an au pair, and all household chores have to be carried out by herself. And if a young mother needs to go to a store or a doctor, and there is no way to take a stroller? In this case, the road brings a lot of problems to the woman. To avoid this, special devices were invented.

kangaroo pouch
In recent years, you can increasingly see young peopleMommy with a special shoulder bag-kangaroo, which was created for the convenience of parents and children. Kangaroo bag for children immediately became very popular. Wherever the parents go, the child is always there. Kangaroo is a bag that allows mom or dad to move their hands freely. This makes it possible to deal with urgent matters without parting with the baby.

A kangaroo carrying bag is very convenient forparents, but is it so safe for the child, as the sellers say? All goods for children are certified and sanitary-hygienic control. There are certain rules for the use of this product, which must be strictly observed.

kangaroo bag for children

Kangaroo is a bag that is bought strictly inaccordance with the age of the baby. It can not be purchased "for growth": it can threaten the curvature of the spine. Every time, after returning from a walk, it is necessary to examine the body of the baby, if there were any scuffs from too tight belts. Carefully check the fastening of the bag.

Kangaroo is a bag that must have a hard back to fix the child's position. You can use it from the age of three months.

Kangaroo is a bag not intended for long-term use. For children with low muscle tone, back injuries, other serious diseases, such backpacks are strictly contraindicated.

chicco kangaroo bag
Psychologists advise young mothers permanentcontact with the baby, and the Chicco kangaroo bag is fully consistent with these recommendations. Its design is ergonomic and convenient. Mom will not feel discomfort and fatigue, even if you have to carry a bag for several hours. This is an excellent acquisition - in fact it suits a child from three to ten months.

Kangaroo - a bag that will come in handy in anysituation: on a long trip or on a walk at home, on a bus or plane. At the same time, the child will be comfortable and calm, because he will feel his beloved mother with all the calf. While he still does not understand the words, but my mother's smile, tender voice, tender touches will tell him about parental love. This communication is beneficial to the development of the baby. He feels protection, does not experience stress, and therefore grows more calm.

In a kangaroo bag, a child gets to know the world around him, he freely moves his hands and feet, can observe others, and with the permission of his mother even touch interesting objects.

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