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The birth of a child is a very important event in lifeeach person. You need to carefully prepare for it, buy the necessary things. The first thing you should think about is a stroller, when choosing which you need to take into account many nuances. The most convenient option is a stroller, which has significant advantages over other models. First of all, this is ease.

stroller cane peg perego
I propose to consider one of them. This is a stroller Peg Perego.

There are different options: Si, Culla, Young, Book Completo Uno, Duette, GT3 and so on. Let's look at one example and learn all the characteristics of this model.

Stroller Peg Perego Si

Thanks to this type of folding, it does not takea lot of space, and it is easy to transport both in public transport and in the trunk of the car. And it will not be difficult to keep it at home. So that you can not worry about the comfort of your child during a long walk, the manufacturers made it possible to adjust the backrest. So, if the baby gets tired, you can lay out the stroller, which will enable him to sleep. Still there is an opportunity to regulate the step, adjusting the stroller for the growth of the child.

stroller cane peg perego pliko
That the kid was safe duringwalks on uneven roads, Peg Perego stroller is equipped with a protective bumper that can be easily removed, and five-point seat belts with soft lining so that they do not rub the child's body. Belts tightly fix the baby, not giving him the opportunity to fall, but also do not hamper his movements.

For moms to be able to constantlymonitor the baby, in the stroller there is a special viewing window. And that during walks on the most uneven roads the child was comfortable and cozy, the Peg Perego stroller is equipped with a sprung cushioning system. The front wheels are swivel, which gives greater maneuverability. They are made of durable rubber. Front and rear wheels have a different diameter, this gives the wheelchair greater stability. You have the opportunity to install an autoarmchair on an aluminum frame. To parents of different heights did not worry about convenience, in the wheelchair it is possible to adjust the handle in height.

Now consider what is included in the kit.

stroller cane peg perego si
Peg Perego stroller is equipped with a cloakfor the legs, so that the baby is not cold, a raincoat, so that the child does not get wet with a sudden change in weather, a cup holder and a shopping basket, which is located below the walking block. Peg Perego Pliko is also equipped with a stroller.

You can purchase this product in any color,for example, in black, orange or brown. In general, you can choose the option that you like. Design manufacturers came up with a trendy and very beautiful. The total weight of the stroller in the assembled form is only 6 kg. And this means that even if the elevator in your house breaks down, you will not find it difficult to lift the stroller yourself.

I think after reading about these advantages, youYou will understand that the Peg Perego stroller is an ideal purchase for you and your child. The other models slightly differ in their characteristics. In such a stroller, the baby will feel comfortable and very cozy. It will be the perfect first personal transport of your child.

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