What is the original birthday congratulation for the pope to come up with?

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Birthday is a special date.On this day, every birthday person waits for miracles and incarnation in the life of all secret desires. And also - congratulations and wishes from a pure heart from all people close and dear to the heart.

The birthday of one of the parents is veryan exciting event for children. Chad, as soon as he begins to consciously understand what the meaning of this holiday is, long before the date begins the preparation and carefully thinks over the birthday greeting to the father or mother. The first congratulations and gifts from the child are simple, but so expensive and memorable. These presents and words-wishes parents usually keep in their memory all their lives. How many times did mom and dad take their greeting cards from children, read and re-read the lines the child wrote with his hand, and felt with his heart. The most sincere words, the most honest and the willing of good.

Children grow up, become independent,their views on congratulations with gifts change. And warm words to parents sound less and less. Often instead of a card or a verbal congratulation of the pope on his birthday, they give him gifts - practical, necessary in everyday life. And why not present the original and memorable gift to the father or mother - such as in childhood? For example, a drawing depicting the whole family or knitted with their own hands, gloves, scarf. Agree, parents will like this greeting.

Let's think up original and interestingcongratulations on his birthday papa. We so seldom speak papal gentle words, we show our feelings. It seems to us that men are not so sentimental as women, and all these tenderness, attention and care they do not need. Maybe, sentimentality is alien to men, but not to fathers. They, as well as mothers, are happy when children show attention to them, speak gentle words and care.

So, how can there be a congratulation for the pope withHappy Birthday? Agree, an ordinary greeting card with words in a poetic form looks somehow banal. Yes, and fed up such a congratulatory ritual. And what if the congratulations on his birthday to the pope make a video? What do you need for this? A video camera and an operator who will remove and mount the video. If desired, the installation can be done independently with the help of simple computer programs. By the way, a video clip can consist not only of congratulating children. This really include videos from family video archives, photos of the pope from childhood, adolescence, adolescence. Perhaps, the day before it will be possible to secretly shoot, how the daddy prepares for the forthcoming event, how the guests are waiting, etc.

If the video is difficult, then you can think ofpoetry-ode. Such a birthday greeting papa will really like it. Men love it when they are given solemn odes. Father will proudly receive such a gift. Do not forget to decorate it on a special sheet of paper and fix it with the author's signature.

To compose an ode, of course, talent is needed.If solemn speeches are not your horse, think up a comic song, the words of which will tell all those present about the birthday person, or ditties. Do not forget the words of the song insert the very birthday greeting to the pope with wishes.

A song can be no joke, but veryserious. Just do not give preference to dull emotional melodies, otherwise the father can be touched and under the impression of letting off a tart male tear. Tip: to prevent the song from being sung only once, pre-write it to disk and give it to your father. After all, dad necessarily want to listen to it again later.

As you can see, there are many options for answeringthe question of how to congratulate the parents on their birthday. You just need to fantasize a little. In the end, you can always pick up a banal postcard with the right words, if nothing happens with the original greeting.

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