How to shorten a watch bracelet - practical tips

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Buying a new watch, people often come acrossthe problem of a large bracelet or strap. To make it smaller in size, it is enough just to make an additional hole in the right place. But how to shorten the watch bracelet? The easiest way is to go to the workshop, where the specialist in a few minutes will adjust the length to the required size. But you can do it yourself at home.

There are cases when a bracelet is purchasedapart from the clock. To adjust the length in this situation, it is necessary, first of all, to install it on the clock. Without fitting it is impossible to determine whether it is worth removing the links altogether. Within the norm, a slight sagging is allowed, and the bracelet should not be adjusted.

Ways to adjust the length of the bracelet

how to shorten a watch bracelet
Most bracelets have two types of adjustmentlength. First, you can shorten the clock in the simplest way and change the length of the bracelet by adjusting the lock. To do this, take out the latch of the lock with a simple push and move it to the hole closest to the latch. If the length has changed slightly, and the clock is still dangling, only the removal of unnecessary links will help.

We disassemble the watch bracelet

To accomplish this fairly simple taskit is necessary to prepare a workplace and some tools: an awl, a nut, a hammer and pliers. Links in the bracelet can be attached to each other using pins, screws or pins. Pins and pins are dislodged or squeezed out when disassembling the bracelet, and the screws are twisted. Silo along the diameter should not be thicker than the hole in which the fastener is located. The diameter of the tool should not exceed the opening in which the fastener "sits". Instead of sewing, a gypsy needle, a compass or a drill suitable for the diameter is useful. How to shorten a watch bracelet in this case? To remove the fastener with a needle or a drill, you will have to strike with a small hammer.

shorten watch bracelet
Before starting to disassemble the bracelet, it is necessary to count the exact number of links to be removed from the lock.

How to shorten a watch bracelet and consider the number of links

Remove the links from the bracelet, rememberthe need for symmetry, otherwise the bracelet lock will move in one direction, which will cause inconvenience when wearing. The number of elements suitable for removal depends on their size, and is usually limited to five or six pieces on each side. Decreasing the product is better to start from the third position, since usually the first two are larger in size. To shorten the bracelet of the watch, it must be placed on its side, placing a nut between the links, to combine the pin or the stud, which must be removed with the hole of the nut.

the clock is shortened
With the help of an awl we squeeze out the connecting rodor a pin. On the back of the bracelet, an arrow indicating the direction of movement is usually applied. Completely remove the fastener will help pliers. After the pins or hairpins are pulled out, it becomes clear how to shorten the watch bracelet. You just need to connect the remaining parts, making sure that the fasteners are seated tightly. Similarly, you can fit almost any bracelet in size. This is not a difficult thing, but it requires accuracy so as not to damage the clock itself.

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