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In modern times, among a huge rangeproducts, in the children's market the proper place is occupied by baby carriages Baby Design. This popular and recognizable Polish brand is very zealously following the latest technical and fashion developments in this industry. Young parents, thanks to the products of this company, will feel the joy of being with the child in the open air.

Briefly about the main

Carriages Baby Design today occupy the leadingplaces among manufacturers of children's products. Leading position in the competitive market, this brand has won thanks to the functionality and ergonomics of its products, a tandem of quality and appearance. The design of the wheelchairs meets not only the technological conditions, but also the standards of European quality. All products have quality certificates. In products of this brand, the best way to harmonize reliability, stability and comfort. The price policy of the products fully meets the European quality.

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Today the company can offer attention tobuyers a large number of models of strollers. Every year the assortment is only replenished and improved. The most common options are cradles, universal wheelchair variants and model-transformers. Each of the options deserves attention and is striking in its versatility and laconicism.

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A number of strollers

  • Mini - this is a great version of the stroller for a six-month-old baby. It is small and compact.
  • Tiny is a kind of Baby Design stroller, which strikes with its versatility and excellent shock absorption. This option is designed for comfortable off-road driving.
  • Pony - one of the most durable and durable carriages of the brand with an excellent folding mechanism and compactness.
  • Trip is one of the safest and most secure options for wheelchairs.
  • Sprint - this is a universal option, which is the embodiment of comfort and durability. The stroller has excellent maneuverability and excellent off-road ability.

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Recent developments of the company

  • Walker is the Baby Design stroller model, whichwas released this year. Its appearance is quite classical and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of city bustle. When folded, the stroller takes up very little space, so it is perfectly suitable for storage in small apartments and for transportation in transport.
  • Elf is a variant of a stroller. It is distinguished by its lightness and excellent patency, which is unusual for such models.
  • Cosmo - a kind of universal stroller, which is beautifully transformed into a walking version.
  • Bunny is one of the lightest models thatonly can offer a wheelchair. It is designed for kiddies, starting at six months of age. Oriented wheelchair only in the warm season.

Main advantages of Baby Design Mini stroller

Each buyer during the selection of goodsis guided by own needs. Not an exception and a stroller for the baby, which should not only meet the requirements for appearance, but also be compact. A perfect example of a miniature stroller is the Baby Design Mini. This model has many advantages:

  • A convenient folding mechanism with the name "book".
  • Stability, which provides 3 pairs of wheels.
  • The possibility of gradual adjustment of the backrest inclination.
  • The presence of an observation window for easy observation of the child while driving.
  • Comfortable belts that ensure maximum safety for the child.
  • Presence of a basket for purchases, a visor and a warming cape.

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Advantages of walking wheelchair modifications

Today, the most popular are strollers. They are aimed at kids from 6 months. The Baby Design stroller has the following advantages:

  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Lightweight, thanks to the aluminum frame construction.
  • The presence of twin wheels in the front and their reliable depreciation.
  • The ability to easily adjust the slope of the footrest. This function provides comfort to the kid during long walks.
  • Possibility of unfolding the backrest to a lying position.
  • Presence of a capacious basket and warmed cover for legs.
  • Ability to adjust the height of the handle.
  • Providing safety with straps with straps.
  • A convenient and functional pocket for small items and the presence of a protective hood and visor.

Stroller Baby Design: reviews

In the responses of buyers in particular:

  • If necessary, easy and maneuverableVariants of a carriage necessarily it is necessary to pay the attention to the walking model. It is convenient for both parents and the baby. A huge plus is the ability to adjust the footrest, which will provide additional convenience for the legs of the child. Absolute safety for the baby is provided by belts. A great feature of this modification of the stroller is a huge visor, which in the sunshine perfectly protects the baby from bright rays and creates a comfortable shade.
  • Every stroller shop today can offera huge range of products. But the products of the Polish brand Baby Design deserve special attention. The price policy differs availability. The cost of the stroller varies from 8 to 30 thousand rubles. The stroller has excellent maneuverability. The bumper is quite reliable, its height is regulated. Curbs are not an obstacle for the stroller. Compactness in the folded form allows to transport it in the car or in transport. At first glance a small basket, but very roomy and sturdy. Therefore, such a stroller is an optimal combination of price and quality.
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