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It's no secret that accessories play a very important rolerole in the formation of the style of the room, whether it is a home or a private place. If it comes to the house, then such an indispensable element, as a rug in the hallway, can immediately set the mood. And again: it will affect the overall impression of your habitat.

mats in the hallway - photo

Is it worth it to put a rug in the hallway?

Without a doubt, a littlemore effective than a wet rag thrown at the door, cleans dirt from the shoes of the incoming. In addition, it is not only functional, but also a decorative element. Someone can answer that the rug must be constantly cleaned, shaken and washed, but this is not entirely true. In fact, modern coatings are good at coping with their task of retaining dirt, since they are designed for this purpose. To vacuum or shake out the carpet, of course, it is necessary, but it is enough to do it once a week, and in dry weather and even less often.

Original mat in the hallway

original mat in the hallway

A cheerful or unusual mat on the threshold will raisethe mood for you and your guests. It will be decorated with an interesting shape (a bone, a bow, a cloud, etc.) or a funny inscription (for example: "I feel like a rag", "I went in? Get married!", "Surrender weapons," etc.). A mat can also be made from original materials: plastic bags, vines or even wooden blocks. Elementary way of creating an original interior detail from the banal piece of carpet is a simple carving on the template. Draw the desired shape on the underside of the material, cut it out and, if necessary, work the edges.

To heat or not to heat?

Do I need to provide a mat in the hallway heating? If we are talking about the one that serves to delay the street mud and dust, then there is no special sense. Heated will not be felt through the shoes, but do not stand barefoot on the dirty rug. When we talk about the cover, which a person gets after the re-training, then there are possible options. If you do not wear slippers, then you can be pleased, coming from a cold, to be on a warm and soft surface.

Types of rugs

Mats of the following materials are common: rubber, coconut fiber, rubber and latex with pile. All of them well retain dirt, they are easy to clean and have a wide range of colors and shapes. All the rugs for the hallway are moisture absorbing, that is, they remove the raw clay and rainwater from the soles, not allowing them to "slip" around the corridor. Everything scraped off the shoe accumulates inside, in the texture of the coating, the floor remains protected.

Various rugs in the hallway (photo)

mats for the hall moisture absorbing

An original heart shaped heart-shaped douche. I can not believe that it is intended for dirty shoes. But nothing, you just have to rinse such a rug in soapy water - and it's like new again!

mat in the hallway

Stunningly stylish braided mat.

mat in the hallway

Traditional rug with rubber or rubber base and synthetic pile.

Choosing a coating to accommodate it at the entrancedoors, you need to consider the overall stylistics of the room. Rug - a detail that looks better, being a contrast, and not a similar color with the floor. Choosing it, remember the harsh reality - if you are not ready to clean the rug after each entered, choose shades, the dirt on which is not so noticeable.

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