Unusual and fun birthday greetings to the boy 4 years old

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With the advent of children in the family, life is cardinallychanges! The daily routine, expenses, menus, travel and the whole way of life become meaningful. Parents try to give their child everything he wants. Therefore, a children's birthday is a grand event for any cell of society. Prepare for such a celebration you need to carefully, be sure to take into account the wishes of the baby. The main thing is a gift and a birthday congratulation to the boy 4 years old. After all, this child already understands everything and expects a miracle!

Postcard for memory

To choose a gift to a boy is not so difficult. Clippers, a designer, a book - all this will please a little tomboy. But to find the right and understandable words to him is much more difficult. In the first three years of life, guests make speeches, referring to their parents. But in the fourth word, the baby should be told. Choose your favorite birthday greetings to the boy 4 years old and write it down in a beautiful postcard.

birthday greetings to the boy 4 years old

You're an adult, our child,

I learned to count everything,

How to work, you go to the kindergarten!

What more could you want?

Be healthy and cheerful,

Eat meat you and cake,

But do not forget about sports.

Mom and Dad respect,

Do not offend the girls.

Grow and grow,

All of us bring joy!

Original will look like a postcard madeown hands. The technique of application, decor from natural materials will do. Leave one part of the postcard untouched, and let guests write down the line from themselves. Such a birthday congratulation to the boy of 4 years will be remembered for a long time, and your masterpiece will remain on a long memory.

Car in the studio

Boys all love to love cars.At that age, they already know all the models and types of cars. Pleasure the birthday boy with a cheerful congratulation with the help of a self-made vehicle. Make a car out of a huge cardboard box. To do this is not so difficult, the wheels can be imitated, the machine-house will be produced. Just glue to the box four circles on each side, cut out the window and the door with a clerical knife. The main thing - paint the product in bright colors, decorate with stickers. When it's your turn to say a birthday greeting to the boy 4 years old, climb into this box and "leave" in the middle of the hall. The baby in advance should not know about the surprise.

birthday congratulations 4 years boy

Say: "Hello, baby!I'm your new racing car, let's get acquainted! Give me a name and let's be friends! Happy Birthday! Be brave and strong! Listen to your parents and do not shawl much! Health and success in everything! The main thing - eat well, gain strength, to play together longer! "

The child will come to full delight from such a presentation. And it will not be difficult to make it. Such a congratulation on his birthday to the boy of 4 years in prose will appeal to everyone.


Children love to watch cartoons and by the age of fouralready have certain preferences in this matter. Find out what the hero of animation is the most beloved of the birthday boy. Order a baby as a gift cake in the form of this hero. Such a beautiful delicacy will taste like a sweet tooth, and the appearance of the cake will bring to full delight. If creative abilities allow, a confectionery miracle can be cooked by yourself. To mold figurines from mastic or to write a cream of a congratulation on birthday. 4 years old boy - this is a serious age, the child learns the world and loves unusual surprises.

birthday greetings to the boy 4 years in prose

For parents today is a happy day,

You, my friend, turned four!

You are a hero, hope and support,

And all just mlejt from your gaze!

Beautiful and strong,

Not by years you are clever.

Grow up and be happy,

Playful and incredibly cute!

Take an example from your father and uncle,

You lie less in bed,

After all, in the world a lot of interesting,

For the development of children useful!

Merry party

Give a child a themed party.Food, decorations, costumes, games and competitions will be subordinated to one style. Invite as many children as possible. Let them talk, play, dance. It's so interesting to watch the younger generation, listen to their reasoning and thoughts. The birthday party should be in the spotlight. Show the children how to dance, sing together a congratulatory song. Spend fun contests and award winners with prizes.

birthday greetings to the boy 4 years old in verse

Pay more attention to your kids, they do thisdeserve. Be sure to give a sincere congratulations on his birthday to the boy of 4 years. In verse or prose - it does not matter, the main thing is that they are from the heart. The more you invest in your children as a child, the more you will receive in old age!

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