How to write a script for the mother's day?

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Mother's Day is gradually occupying an important placeamong other holidays. On this day it is customary to congratulate all women who have children. Special words should be sent to your mother. In many children's institutions, special matinees are held on this day, to which mothers are invited. Children prepare a concert for them and give presents made with their own hands. To the holiday took place and went as we would like, it is worth carefully preparing it.

For the mother's day, the script can be written as inpoetic form, and in the form of prose. It is desirable that each child from a class or group receives a poem. You can choose one large, quatrain from which in a certain order will tell a few children. Also, it is worthwhile to ensure that during the preparatory phase every child makes a postcard for his mother. This can be done during a work lesson at the school or in the corresponding occupation in the kindergarten. The moment of delivery of such a postcard can be the culmination of the whole holiday. What will be written inside, you decide for yourself. Most often these are specially written or found poems, or congratulations of the child himself.

If you do not know how children'sMatins dedicated to this holiday, ask the search engine phrase "scenarios of the Mother's Day holiday" and you will immediately get several alternative options. From a few you will be able to make one that is most suitable for a solemn event in your school. Or, relying on analogies, write your own in verse form, if you have such makings.

On the mother's day, the script can containall kinds of contests and competitions. Between themselves can compete not only the children themselves, but also their mothers. Prepare necessarily small prizes. The winner will get a pencil or a pen, and a loser a candy. What is not an incentive to participate in the competition? If we talk about contests, then you can ask the children to continue the phrase: "My mother is the most-most ...", and my mother, respectively, "My child is the most ...". Who will have the most adjectives and nouns - he won. If you do not come up with other competitions, you can search for possible options in any literature devoted to the organization of children's holidays or on themed sites on the Internet.

On the mother's day, the script may contain otherbright moments. Ask the children about what their mothers are by nature, for what they love them. I think every mother will be interested to hear it. In addition, they will have a great opportunity to look at themselves through the eyes of their child and, probably, they will be very surprised when they hear the opinion of their own child.

Alternate "sedentary" competitions and entertainment with joint dances and songs. Then the children will not be so tired and will take an active part in all the main episodes of the holiday.

On the mother's day, the script may also includepresentation of children's works. In addition, it is possible to envisage staging a performance on a given topic. You probably will not be able to hide the content of the holiday from mothers, preschool children: the children will tell you what they did in the kindergarten. The main thing is to save at least the smallest intrigue. With schoolboys it is possible to agree. Ask them not to tell anything at home and make a surprise for their moms. Be sure to decorate the room, and let the children help you in this. To do this, use not only balls and ribbons, but also thematic pictures dedicated to this festive day.

The scenario of the mother's day can be the mostdiverse. The main thing in it is to preserve the pride of the children and the mother's love. In this case, the idea will be fully realized, and the holiday will turn out bright and memorable.

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